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When: 9th - 12th September 2010

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4 IAME drivers (out of 27 present) on the track. The best in the heats is Jack Hawksworth (Maddox/ Parilla): 4th (lapping just over a tenth behind the leaders), 5th and 9th. Thanks to these results he starts from the second row (4th) in the pre-final. Here he confirms his excellent 4th place, but in the final is forced down to 21st place after a bad start with two contacts. Rowland (Zanardi/Parilla) and Öberg (Gillard/Parilla) can’t seem to find a good set up, and finish respectively 16th (with a good recovery from the back helped by the choice to save the tyres in the pre-final) and 19th. Zdenek Groman, after being unlucky in the heats (21st overall), is the best Parilla driver in the final, achieving 10th place, thanks to the choice of leaving the pre final to save the tyres.

Out of the 13 Parilla on the track, an outstanding 8 qualify for the finals. Among those excluded from the final, there is La Torre (DR/Parilla) who dominates the consolation final. Gasly (Sodi/Parilla) shows a good performance in the heats (he wins one and finishes 4th in another, clocking the best lap time); in the pre-final he starts in 7th place and finishes 3rd. In the final he finishes in a good 4th place and only 3 tenths far from the podium. Dennis (Top Kart/Parilla) does well in the heats with a 6th place overall (2nd, 4th, 5th, 11th), he finishes 6th in the pre-final and 8th in the final.

Le Clerc also wins a heat (Sodi/Parilla) but does not finish the finals due to a series of contacts. Same fate in the final for Johnson (Zanardi/Parilla) who is always fast and finishes 8th in one heat clocking the best lap time. Roussel (Sodi/Parilla) does well in the heats (two second places, one 4th place and a retire due to a contact), and also in the finals, where he finishes in a crescendo: 8th in the pre-final and 6th in the final. Tiihonen (Birel/Parilla) performs well in the heats (4th, 5th and 6th place), but due to a contact in the first lap, he does not finish the final; Nielsen (DR/Parilla), however, completes all the phases and finishes 17th in the final, while Auer (Maddox/Parilla) has an unfortunate weekend and is knocked out of both
finals due to a series of contacts.

THE COMMENT: Andrea Bossaglia IAME Cheif Technical Engineer comments on the race:

“In KZ1 we suffered from extensive tyre wear, perhaps more than others; this penalised the results in the final stages but, if we analyse the overall performance, we can clearly see we have done another important step forward. Our engine is young and has high potential for improvement and the lap times clocked by Braga confirm its current status.

In KF3 we confirmed the efficacy of the Reedster 2, which has been constantly competitive since the beginning of the year even if we did not get to the podium which, in all honesty, was absolutely within our reach. We wish to thank all the teams and riders who shared this important event with us and our technicians who put so much passion into their work”.

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