Track Extension and Upgrades For Kiwi Kart Facility

The venue for next year's New Zealand Karting Nationals is currently being extended and upgraded. The KartSport Southland club is extending the main straight of Invercargill's Macaulay Ford Kart Raceway from 80 to 135 metres and creating two new corners.

KartSport Southland track renovations
pic by KartSport Southland

The pit wall has also been moved back 10 metres and the pit area increased in size. There are also plans for new clubrooms and viewing deck closer to the track.

"Extending the main straight and creating a tight hairpin at the end of it will create better passing opportunities and more exciting racing" club spokesperson Daryl Shuttleworth informed KartSportNews. "By moving the pit wall back we are now able to run the track in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions without using the small chicane we have been for the past few years."

Shuttleworth says that the club hopes to have the new section of track completed before the end of the month and the complete project finished before Christmas.

KartSport Southland last hosted the New Zealand Sprint Championship in 2005.

track map of changes