IAME Challenge Series for Australia In 2011

There have been X30 Challenge Series running in many countries around the world since 2009. In 2011, there will be one running in Australia.

"Ours is a bit different" Remo Racing informed KartSportNews. "We will have two engines that are eligible to compete - the Leopard RL and the X30, as these are both elbible for the Leopard classes. Hence, the name for the series here is 'IAME CHALLENGE SERIES'."

The X30 will also be eligible to compete in State and National Championships as of 1st January 2011.

Australian karters, plus those from many other countries, will all be invited to compete in the Bruno Grana X30 World Final which will be held in France, the same venue that Lee Mitchener won the world final this year.

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For the 7th year running Remo Racing will once again put on a Leopard Final Shootout event in 2011. The official name will now be;


As part of the National Final we will be holding 'IAME CHALLENGE SERIES' events across Australia in conjuction with existing series' events.

Complete details of the Series events will be announced in the next few weeks and a new venue for the National Final will also be announced shortly.


It will require no more time commitment, no more track time or any other commitment from the various Clubs who host rounds. We do not ask for any entry money. The clubs' will accept entries as per their normal supp-regs. All we ask is that the Leopard Light and Leopard Heavy classes are offered in their State Series.


"I have appreciated the support and loyalty that many drivers have given us since Leopards first inception in Australia in 2000, and so I want to make it easy for all competitors to have a chance to win prizes"

"there are no series points to accumulate to be eligible for these great prizes and it does not matter if you finish "first" or "last" in a series"

"Best of luck and thankyou for your support" ~ Remo Luciani

If a Leopard class competitor competes in ALL rounds of a Series;
1) The competitor is eligible for the RANDOM DRAW to win an X30 ENGINE at the end of a Series.
2) The competitor will automatically qualify to enter the "IAME National Final" and be eligible for National Final prizes.
3) The competitor will 'automatically' qualify to enter the BRUNO GRANA X30 WORLD FINALS in France and race with the Remo Racing Australia Team. http://www.remoracing.com.au/latestnews/417

If a Leopard class competitors competes in the minimum 3 rounds of a Series;
1) The competitor will 'automatically' qualify to enter the "IAME NATIONAL FINAL" and be eligible for National Final Prizes.

We feel that this will be a win win situation for the clubs and competitors and us as the promoter as it will attract more entries to these classes and should help boost Leopard numbers in the series for the Clubs.

Remember, it does not matter if you finish 'FIRST' or 'LAST' in the series, if you support your series and do ALL the rounds you will qualify to enter the Bruno Grana X30 Challenge race in France with the Remo Racing Team!!

Club committee members and competitors can contact Remo if you have any questions.

LEOPARD CLASS PROMOTERS - REMO RACING:  E-mail remo@remoracing.com.au

or you can contact Remo Luciani on  0418 340 640


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