200 Super Stolen From WA

Stolen from The Kart Shop at Cockburn International Kartway on Saturday night, 30 October.

Above: The sister kart to the one that was stolen.

1 x very unique 200 Super Kart. The chassis is custom and unpainted. It's fitted with 2 x Parilla water-cooled reed engines that have the word IAME cast into the cylinders.

Serial Numbers of the engines are:

  • WRIGHT 4106
  • WRIGHT 806

Above: Engine number location

The photographs are of the complete sister kart to the one that was stolen. The chassis and radiators are the same, however listed below are the variations from the photos shown here:

  • Parilla Engines (not TM)
  • Dent Front Brake Calipers Gold
  • Dent Master Cylinders are Gold
  • Front Disc Carriers Gold
  • Rear Brake Disc Carrier Gunmetal
  • Dent Rear Brake Calipers Black
  • Sprocket Carriers Gold
  • 50mm Axle Assembly
  • Rear Wheel Hubs Purple Short
  • Rims Douglas Magnesium Black
  • Seat Tillott Clear with Black padded inserts
  • Steering Wheel Red
  • Mychron 3 with EGT Fitted
  • Bodywork Black (bear no yellow panels or graphics on bodywork)
  • PCR Slide Carbies (Maroon in colour)

If you have any information relating to this please contact 08 9410 1497 or email karthire@kartshop.com.au  
Mike Sully


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