IAME Conquers Industry Trophy

press release

Who: Parilla IAME powered Karts
What: 40th Trofeo Delle Industrie
Where: Circuito 7 Laghi - Castelletto di Branduzzo (PV) - ITALY
When: 5-7 November 2010


Along with the Trofeo Delle Industrie was also run the penultimate round of the IAME X30 Challenge, waiting for the National Final on November 20th – 21st at the Naples International Circuit in Sarno Italy.

In the qualifiers and heats Michele Beccaria (Top Kart/X30) is the fastest but, in the final, under the pouring rain, Alfredo Gagliardi (DR/X30) manages to scrape through and takes the 1st place. Beccaria finishes 2nd followed by Vender and Donadei, both Top Kart drivers.

The Parilla engine, driven by Kevin Lavelli (Top Kart/Parilla) wins the KF3 final at the Trofeo Delle Industrie, under the pouring rain. The Italian driver wins  lso all the other races over the weekend: he is always 1st, even in the qualifiers, and also tops his performance off with the best lap time in one of the two heats, hence winning the “Overall” title. Stupenkov (Gillard/Parilla) is always consistent, finishing 17th in the final.

5 Parilla karts in the race and victory, for IAME, in the Trofeo Delle Industrie KF2 category. Stefano Cucco (Birel/Parilla), is the fastest of all: he wins every single race, except one heat where he has to “accept” a 2nd place. Giovinazzi (Top Kart/Parilla) is fast, but pays for his disqualification in the first heat and is forced to pursue the leaders: he makes a good comeback, starting in 19th place and finishing in a great 8th place. Savona also achieves a good 12th place  Formula K/Parilla) being very fast in the heats, whilst Ghiotto (Zanardi/Parilla) and Tereshenko (Gillard/Parilla) are both unlucky and respectively finish 20th and 21st.

60 Mini
IAME is the star of the show even in the Mini category. Excellent performance by Leonardo Lorandi (Tony Kart/Parilla) who is 1st in the qualifiers but in the first heat, despite clocking the best lap time, his spark plug cap betrays him. In the second heat he is last on the grid, but clocks another best lap time and finishes 7th. In the final, he is forced to start in 18th place, but makes an incredible comeback, once again with another best lap time and finishing 3rd (the only driver to go below the 56 seconds lap time). Mosca also does well (PCR/Parilla), Mazzola (Top Kart/Parilla) and Parolini (Spirit/ Parilla) are very consistent and they respectively finish in 9th, 11th and 12th position.

THE COMMENT By Andrea Bossaglia, IAME technical director:
“I would like to replicate my congratulations to Lavelli and Cucco, whom I’ve already personally congratulated with, and also say well done to Savona in his debut year in KF2. Another significant step forward for our 60cc Miniswift, with all the cards on the table and ready to win with Leonardo Lorandi!

It was really exciting to work aside to all our drivers who raced in the X30 Challenge, the Trophy created by IAME together with Chiesa Corse, DR and Top Kart. Thanks to all of you: the amazing atmosphere packed with passion and commitment that you could feel in the tents reminded me of how Karting used to be in the past.

See you all soon at the last practice race and the National Final in Sarno on November 20-21”


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