Next Generation Of Stars On Show In Tassie

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Last weekend it was the likes of James Courtney, Jamie Whincup and Mark Winterbottom who entertained Tasmania’s motorsport fans around Symmons Plains Raceway.

This weekend, it will be Australia’s next generation of motor racing stars in action, taking to the Orielton Kart Track just outside of Hobart for the Raine & Horne Tasmanian State Karting Championships.

james burdon
Above: Local youngster James Burdon is expected to figure prominently at this weekend's championships

With aspiring drivers coming from various parts of the country to compete at the three-day event it will provide the opportunity for Tasmania’s best drivers to test their skills against some of the best in the country on home soil.

One of the youngsters who will lead the charge for the local drivers will be Hobart youngster James Burdon.

Burdon, who comes from a family full of racing fanatics, will be competing in the fastest junior category at the championships – Junior Clubman. In this category he will be up against several of Australia’s brightest young stars including Jordan Nicolaou, Anton de Pasquale and Mason Thomas.

In the corresponding event last year Launceston’s Nathan Zuj was one of the pacesetters in the highly competitive Clubman Light category, however, an incident in the championship final ended his run towards the title.

The unassuming young man has won just about everything there is to win across the state over the past few years with only a state championship left to be penned in on his ever-growing resume.

nathan zuj
Above: Nathan Zuj will be competing in the Clubman Light category

Interstate competitors began arriving in Hobart for the championships early this week ahead of practice today and tomorrow. Qualifying for the championships will be contested on Friday followed by the heat races on Saturday and the championship finals on Sunday.

There will be in excess of 150 drivers competing at the event ranging across a total of 12 categories catering for different age, weight and engine capacities.

The Southern Tasmanian Kart Club is located at 616 Fingerpost Rd Orielton.

2010 Raine & Horne Tasmanian Karting Championships - Entry List

18 Brock Evans
24 Zevie Eisentraut
25 Tayla Heath
26 Jordyn Sinni
47 Lim O’Connor
48 Thomas Hughes
56 Thomas Bennett
64 Samuel Gala
65 Tyler O’Leary
81 Jay McGregor

4 Nicky Richards
5 Brodie Evans
9 Cameron Kuc
11 Morgan Jakobovski
16 Mitchell Quiddington
20 Justin Ford
30 Jacob Morris
58 Jeremiah Sheehan
67 Johnah Slater
72 Jarrod Dwyer
77 Xavier Todman
90 Reece Sidebottom
91 Brodie Sward
94 William Hawkes
97 Jordan McGregor
98 Lachlan Newman

3 Justin Francis
5 Damon Strongman
6 Jake Klein
7 Marco Lubiana
9 Kelsey Sapwell
12 Bodie Reading
24 Toby Archer
28 Zhane Ripper
31 Thomas Hickman
33 Brody Appleby
34 Gemma Wyllie
35 Wade McLean
40 Thomas Stewart
43 Zachary Vassallo
68 Keenan Slater
84 Bradley Hobden
94 Bradley Jenner
96 Liam McLellan

1 Jordan Nicolaou
4 Mitchell Lovell
10 Brodey Lovett
17 Gus Robbins
21 Thomas Clark
23 Mason Thomas
27 Dylan Angel
31 Teagan Osborne
39 Alastair Lee
52 Jessica Bannister
71 Matthew McLellan
86 Anton De Pasquale
96 Thomas Allen
98 Daniel Newman

2 James Burdon
5 James Hughes
8 Teagan Osborne
16 Jack Pickett
17 Gus Robbins
18 Dillon van Galen
23 Mason Thomas
34 Jordan Nicolaou
39 Alastair Lee
41 Keelan Devlin
43 Zachary Vassallo
61 Brody Appleby
78 Jorden Distill
86 Anton De Pasquale
97 Jobe Sims

4 Nicholas Ellen
9 Luke Sapwell
19 Ashley Quiddington
28 Jay Baily
31 Ryan Sommerville
41 Callum Mitchell
51 Danton Evans
63 Tabatha Badger
79 Michael Vaughan
87 Jackson Evans

4 Nicholas Ellen
6 Anthony Walters
15 Mark Crocker
19 Ashley Quiddington
20 Callum Harper
21 Alexander Hughes
25 Nathan Mitchell
26 Renee Chettle
64 Daniel Hinds
71 Kieran Doran
78 Matthew Distill
79 Michael Vaughan
89 Aiden Shelton
92 Johnathan Males

8 John Scholfield
12 Neville Young
16 Steve Crocker
19 Geoff Lawrence
29 David Saltmarsh
33 Terence Chadwick
56 Ian Richardson
58 Anthony Rielley
64 Tim Hinds
70 Garry Burr
71 Anthony Butler
72 Laurence Doran
97 Stephen Sims

8 Luke Fong
11 Alex Alcock
12 Kyle Young
17 Tyler McDonald
21 Jordan Ford
39 Jake Spencer
51 Wesley Park
69 Aaron Duffey
73 Trent Palmer
74 Nathan Zuj
91 Evan Livingston
95 Jack Wynack
99 Jade Waddington

6 Mitchell Cuzens
8 Dion Wyllie
10 Simon Bingley
14 Leigh Nicolaou
15 Troy Stone
25 Darren Williams
27 Alan Fitzpatrick
29 Jeffrey Dickson
47 Zane Wyatt
51 Samm Harrington
65 Braden Muskett
75 Jake Rice
85 Andrew Wagner
89 Aiden Shelton
93 Steven Wrigley

2 Phill Straughen
5 Samm Harrington
30 Garry Lee
31 Nigel Cullen
42 Simon England
44 Timothy Maxwell
55 Scott Wrigley
60 Kristopher Hen

27 Alan Fitzpatrick
32 Jason White
33 Terence Chadwick
34 Jeremy Dyer
40 Scott Calvert
45 Scott Hildyard
73 Trent Palmer
77 Jacob Goodluck
94 Marcus Johnson
97 Waylon Sims