Italian X30 Challenge Grand Final

press release

Who: IAME X30 Parilla powered karts
What: X30 Challenge Italia National Final
Where: Naples International Circuit - Sarno (SA) ITALY
When: November 20-21, 2010

Michele Beccaria (right) wins the first edition of the X30 Challenge in the Senior Light category. He is the fastest on the track from the time qualifying, on wet track, and finishes ahead of Michele Zampieri and Alfredo Gagliardi, the fiercest  apponent that Beccaria will have to deal with.

In the last lap of the pre final in fact, Gagliardi overtakes Beccaria in a great style, relegating him to the 2nd place by just a few tenths and after a very exciting race. Behind them, with quite a gap, follow the local drivers Carlo Piccolo and Vincenzo Zupo and then Vukan Vusurovic.

In the final Beccaria gets a good start and shoots into the lead; he battles to keep his position with Gagliardi in the early laps, but then manages to create a gap of a few metres and Gagliardi finds himself having to defend his position against a hard fighting driver like Zupo. Beccaria remains in the lead and wins the race and the X30 Challenge Light category Italian title.

The battle on the track between Gagliardi and Zupo carries on until the very last lap, when a contact between the two forces Zupo to retreat. Gagliardi is 2nd but is then disqualified for the manoeuvre considered unfair, so Carlo Piccolo takes 2nd place, Luigi Piccolo finishes 3rd (10th on the start grid), Emiliano Mazzalupi is 4th, the unfortunate Zupo is 5th, Vusurovic is 6th and Andrea Sgamma is 7th.


The IAME X30 Senior Heavy category also put on a marvellous show. Tino Donadei is the star in all the races over the entire weekend and is always the fastest in his category: in the time qualifying in the rain, he is out in front of Vincenzo Marino and Carlo Forte Valentini. In the pre-final, on a dry track, another two contenders creep up from behind: Andrea Monaci and Giuseppe Franzese, a driver who, despite being able to rely on the use of his right arm only, keeps up with his opponents throughout the weekend.

In the final Donadei sets the pace and wins the X30 Challenge Heavy Category Italian title, 2nd place goes to the local driver Franzese who is very fast and quick to take advantage of Monaci’s bad start, Monaci is then 3rd and just behind them are Andrea Coccia 4th and Francesco Turatello 5th.

THE COMMENT By: Filippo Fagnani, IAME member of the board

“We are very satisfied with this very first edition of the IAME X30 Challenge in Italy. The organisation has been always perfect thanks to the irreplaceable assistance of our partners, Chiesa Corse, DR Racing and Top Kart, who supported the drivers at every race this season and to whom I must say a special ‘thank you’.

We have again experienced the well known reliability of the engines, granting a first class level of entertainment, and the prizes awarded at the IAME National Final have been very much appreciated.

In addition, the drivers who raced the IAME National Final are allowed to race in the third edition of the X30 Bruno Grana Trophy in 2011 as well as in the European Challenge, which is currently being finalised and consists of three rounds.

My gratitude goes to all drivers whose passion and determination contributed to the success of this Championship and to whom we renew the invitation for 2011”.