CRG-Maxter Sweep WSK Nations Cup

press release

Max Verstappen, after winning the KF3 titles in the WSK Euro and World series, gets the win in the final race of the WSK 2010. Good performances came from Fuoco and the Australian Lehane, even though they were rather unlucky in the final phase. Good eighth place for Jorrit Pex in KZ2 with CRG Holland

crg nations cup
Above: Pierce Lehane

Also in the final event of the WSK, the International race “Nations Cup” which took place on the International Circuit La Conca of Muro Leccese, CRG-Maxter played the leading role. The Italian constructor deployed its official team at its best in this end of season meeting.

In KF3 CRG-Maxter, thanks to the Dutch driver Max Verstappen, literally swept the board. Max was always at the top of the rankings until his undisputable final win. He showed his great competiveness as well as his team-mate “Speedy” Antonio Fuoco did. In these last races he managed to achieve better and better performances together with the new CRG-Maxter driver Pierce Lehane from Australia, who had already made himself conspicuous the previous week in the Grand Finals by Rotax.

Above: Verstappen leads Fuoco

Max Verstappen’s success was flawless. He confirmed once more to be the reference point for his category after winning the WSK Euro Series and WSK World Series titles in his debut season in KF3. On this occasion too, the son of the former F1 driver Jos Verstappen managed to show all his talent and the competiveness of the CRG chassis and of the Maxter engine since the first time trials, getting the overall best time and then achieving a row of wins in all the four qualifying heats. Eventually, after winning hands down the pre-final too, Max Verstappen deservedly got onto the first step of the podium of the final after a race always in the leading position. This success confirms that Max Verstappen is in the top positions of international karting.

Above: Antonio “Speedy” Fuoco

In this Nations Cup Antonio Fuoco too managed to make himself conspicuous. He won three heats and was the runner up behind Verstappen in the fourth. The Australian driver Pierce Lehane performed very well too, thanks to a second, a third and an eighth place: it is also thanks to his performance that CRG was able to deploy three karts in the first two rows of the starting grid of the pre-final.

Unfortunately, Fuoco and Lehane’s ambitions ended here. The former was disqualified for cutting the track after slewing round during the launching lap before the start of the pre-final; the latter got involved in a crash during the first phases of the race. In the final two more crashes sent the two CRG drivers out of the competition definitely.

In KZ2 the colours of CRG-Maxter were well represented by Jorrit Pex, who runs for CRG Holland. He achieved a good eight place in the final after an excellent fourth place in the pre-final.

Above: Verstappen at the press conferecne