Superkarts At The Festival Of Speed

press release

Superkarts Australia is delighted to report to our members on the recent highly successful showcasing of the speed and agility of our race category in a time trial comparison with a Formula 1 and a V8 Supercar.

Some time ago Terry Madder (in his role as Chairman of the WA Festival of Speed) conceived the idea of creating the WA Festival of Speed, an event that he and his dedicated team hoped would attract some of the finest race and track vehicles on offer in WA. 

As part of development of the concept, Terry approached Mark Hanson (SKA Director, WA) with the idea of running a time trial between a 250 International Superkart and a Formula 1 driven my our very own Mark Webber. This was an opportunity that the WA Superkart fraternity saw as a vital promotional gift to revitalise superkart racing in WA. Mark Hanson promoted this concept with the SKA board and received resounding endorsement and support for the event.

With only a few months to plan and implement all the required logistics it was essential that we could participate with the some of our best vehicles and drivers on offer.  Generous and dedicated support was immediately offered by David & Barbara Hepworth and the Zip-BRC team.  With Yiani Harpas as the principal driver and ably supported by Mark Hanson, Tod Johnson and Darren Kitchen the making of a fabulous time trial event was coming together.  After many hours of hard work and transport coordination the superkarts were transported to Perth in time for setup and practice on the Friday before the event. Many thanks to both Mark Hanson and the Hepworth crew for all the effort.

Come the Sunday morning of the event it became apparent that it was going to be scorcher of a day and the line of traffic to Barbagallo was building in anticipation of a huge event.  By 8 am all the superkarts were set up displaying an ICC shifter, 125 cc gearbox superkart, two 250 cc national superkarts and four 250 cc international superkarts.

A cavalcade of fine motor vehicles was draped around the pit area with the main attraction being the Red Bull Formula 1 car.  As the Formula 1 was rolled out of the transporter the crowds flocked around. From midget karters through to veteran racers and motorsport enthusiasts alike all watched with amazement as the carbon fibre flyer was pushed into its pit.

Before lunch the Red Bull team put the F1 through its paces and then it was our turn after lunch. With the four 250 International superkarts gridded up, the commentary team was joined by Barbara Hepworth who gave a brilliant run down on the superkarts.

Barb was up in the commentary box explaining what we were all about and called the action. The plan was for Yiani to push hard on the warm up lap to get his vehicle on song and ready for a fast lap, Mark, Todd and Darren were in line astern doing the same. This was then followed by a hot lap and Yiani was on pace to put in a blistering time in pursuit of the Red Bull times - although they were a secret.

Whilst there were no official times it was apparent to all that the superkarts were very fast and it can be said that our team circulated in times comparable to the F1 - well done guys and with such success we have an even greater potential to revitalize the WA Superkart Club.

Special thanks goes to all the members of the WA Superkart fraternity including Ashley, Mark and the WA boys; the Hepworth crew including Dave and Barb, Greg Whitchurch and Yiani and Ilya Harpas; and David and Liam McAdam. Thanks team, for creating a great show for our favourite motorsport.