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Quote: Adam Hughes
"When I was in Spain and France.... The engine was just fantastic to use for the first time, it was so simple to start and just 'drive' not having to worry about the tuning at all, I have never had to tune the carby once". said Adam.

"The power of the X30 engine is great too, from bottom end to top end it just keeps pulling and with the balance shaft it's so smooth" Adam commented.

"I have also never experienced any reliability problems while racing for 6 hours in Spain at the 2008 IAME World Challenge and also at the top level of X30 racing in the world in France at the 2010 Bruno Grana X30 event. The future for this engine is bright as it is booming in Europe and the cheap running costs are very attractive"


Celebrating the X30 engine's State and National Championship Status in 2011, we at Remo Racing promised to both the karters and the AKA to be upfront and honest in our intentions for the future development of the Leopard Class. This final stamp of approval from the AKA represents the culmination of our promise to you.

The exact steps we said we were going to take have been put in place, and importantly have been approved by the AKA.

You can purchase an X30 engine with the total confidence that the engine has a bright future racing on AKA tracks. During 2010 the X30 engine has proven without doubt that it is unrivalled in its useability and reliabilty.

Introducing the Leopard X30 to Australia has been a huge project for Remo Racing, and we are proud to be able to offer the latest Italian engine technology to the Australian market.

We're very excited about the future of the Leopard Class in Australia as we have total confidence in the price, performance and reliability of the brilliant X30 engine.

2011 IAME CHALLENGE http://www.remoracing.com.au/leopard-challenge

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