W.A.R Racing Claims Endurance Championship

press release

W.A.R Racing, competing in the 2010 TEKA Endurance championship, have taken the top spot in the premier A grade class for the second year in a row. What makes it more special is the fact that they were doing it with the first model WARSPEED endurance chassis.

After trying a couple of different chassis in the past, Peter and Troy Worsley of W.A.R racing put the knowledge that they had learnt and starting designing their new chassis.

Team Drivers Troy and Peter Worsley, Adam Keramea and Daniel Wheeler along with team manager Christine Worsley won five of the eight races, placed second in two races and finished 4th in one that was cut short due to weather. In the final race of the year W.A.R racing brought their WARSPEED version 2 out for the first time only putting the kart on the track in practice on the Saturday morning for the first time. Due to a over excited driver taking them out on the first lap resulting in losing 3 laps in the pits fixing a bent side pod bar, the team pushed hard all day to finish second and only 1 lap off first in their class and setting the fastest lap of the race along the way.

Endurance Karting nowdays is really just a very long sprint race. Whereas as in the early days the only karts you could get where like hire karts, now they need to be a sprint kart that will except 2 engines. As the racing is so close, the chassis is playing a huge part in winning races.

W.A.R RACING would like to thank the following people for there continued support:

Keramea Smallgoods, Wins Auto Repairs, TEKA, Starlane GPS Dashes, Custom Carbon Components, Newby Engineering, Warspeed Chassis.


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