Macau Success For CRG-Maxter

press release

CRG conquered, thanks to the English driver Matthew Graham, the last title of the year in the CIK-FIA in the last race of the season which took place in Macao for the KF3 Asia-Pacific Championship. This is the final seal for CRG’s end of the year and a great satisfaction for Matthew Graham, who achieved a win at his debut with the colours of the CRG-Maxter Official Team. The young English driver dominated the KF3 Asian race literally, exalting the performing qualities of the CRG chassis and of the Maxter engine since the first time trials, where Graham was immediately the fastest. He then won all the three qualifying heats, before getting hands down both the pre-final and the final.


“Since the beginning I realized I was very fast – says Graham after his victorious race – and so I was able to battle for the win. When I got the pole position I became more aware of my possibilities, and also the win in the three qualifying heats was a signal of my strength for me. After the warm up of Sunday morning, I preferred to change my engine and the new one was even more performing than the previous one. The final was simply perfect and I didn’t have any problem at all. For me it was a great win. The season ended in the best way possible and this title is something absolutely awesome. I’m really happy.”

The Chinese meeting was valid for the “Macau International Grand Prix” too, reserved to the Super KF for the last event of this category, which next year will be substituted by the KF1. To represent CRG there were the four standard-bearers of the official team, with the World Champion of 2009 Arnaud Kozlinski, Davide Forè, Felice Tiene and Eddy Tinini.

All the four CRG drivers were very fast in every phase of the race, assisted by performing and reliable technical equipment. The driver who got closer to the final success was Kozlinski, the winner of last year’s world championship right on the track of Macao. This year too, Kozlinski made himself conspicuous winning the pre-final, but the French driver was obliged to quit the pre-final because of a tyre puncture.

Also Felice Tiene got a good performance. He placed third in the pre-final but he was then pushed back in the final after a small crash in the tussle of the first phases of the race. He finally placed seventh. Forè finished eighth, always remaining in the pack of the best drivers.

Eddy Tinini’s race was good too. He was sixth in the trials then played a leading role both in the pre-final and in the final, where he placed fourteenth after achieving excellent performances.