End Of Year Message From Superkarts Australia

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Dear Superkarters,

What a great year it has been at all levels of Superkarting at National and Club levels. At Phillip Island, the Superkart National Championship commenced with some fantastic racing, and finished with a wonderful event at Morgan Park. The Championship concluded with Darren Hossack winning the 250 International Championship, Martin Latta winning the 250 National Championship and Steven Tamasi winning the 125 Championship. Again, congratulations to these guys and everyone who competed.

SKA have a great national championship racing calendar locked in for next year, featuring racing at both premier tracks on the east coast. Eastern Creek in July 16-17 and Phillip Island in November 6-7, the weather will hopefully be favourable at both locations so close racing is expected again. SKA have also been able to expand the racing format to ten laps for the first three heats and twelve laps in the final, for both race tracks, hoping to see the excitement of longer racing strategies that will be needed to win. The non gearbox Championship is scheduled to run again and it is planned for the Mallala round in April 30 to May 1. Expect to see entry details in the coming period for all of these events.

The directors of SKA would like to thank everyone who contributed to the Superkarting National Championship this year. The profile of Superkarting nationally looks bright and we remain committed to promoting our great sport. The time trial against Mark Webber in the Red Bull F1 car at Wanneroo was outstanding. Congratulations to Yaini Harpas, Dave Hepworth and Mark Hanson for being able to circulate at comparable times to the Red Bull time team. Red Bull, I'm sure were very surprised how fast the Superkarts were.

This was the most recent, but it was not the only national and public profiled promotional event for Superkarting. The second round of the National Gearbox Championship was televised on SBS and Fox Sport, sponsored by Rockpress, Supercheap Auto, Dunlop and Polystyrene Solutions. Race magazine placed a Superkart on the cover of its quarterly edition and a five page spread inside. It was a fantastic read. Radio interviews with community Radio 34 and the return of the final round dinner at the end of our yearly series were all highlights of a great season.

The addition of three new directors in SKA has seen our capability strengthen for the coming years. These new directors are Tony Lappas, David McAdam and Mark Hanson and they will assist SKA to push into next year with new ideas and a commitment to bringing an even better National Championships for all participants. With discussions underway with sponsors for next year already, the success of the 2011 Australian Superkart Championships continues as SKA?s passion and focus.

The SKA directors wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas. Please drive carefully during the festive period and we will see you trackside in the New Year.

Clint Brown
Superkarts Australia


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