In The Pits

Random images from kart tracks around the world...

Above: Talk about seat-of-the-pants ability... Alex Albon wore through the bottom of his seat at the Winter Cup final in Italy earlier this year. Ouch!

Above: Crankcase cooling air scoop on Macauley Jones' Clubman Light kart at the hot Vic Open. The front of the chain guard is also opened up to help cooling.

Above & Below: Adjustable seat stays on the Alonso Kart with double-threaded centre piece. These are an off the shelf OTK product.

mark lunn
Above: TaG Restricted 125 driver Mark Lunn (#22) makes a move for position down the inside at turn 1, Bolivar, during a SA Pro Series round.
pic - Gadget Graphics

Above: But a flick to the left...
pic - Gadget Graphics

Above: And a jump to the right...
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Above: Saw him end up in the Adelaide gravel.
pic - Gadget Graphics

Above: You've got a big head, KT. Or did the race suit shrink in the wash? CIK round 1, Ipswich.

Above: That's teamwork. Intrepid Force Rotax team drivers pose at the Rotax Winter Cup. Or are they practicing for the as yet un-announced IFR Bobsleigh team?
pic - Bas Kaligis

Above: KerbRiders, Rief Corbett (left) and Aaron Rintoul take a breather on finals day at the Vic Open.

Above: The row of “KartSport United Club” flags at the CIK Trophy of New Zealand event. Each club uses a variation of the KartSport New Zealand brand image to help boost the organisation's overall branding impact.
pic - Kartsport New Zealand

Above & Below: Is this the accessory to get when you've run out of other things to spend your money on? offer customised faceplate stickers that fit the Mychron4 dash. Made of a laminated vinyl, they last up to 5 years with your choice of colour and team logo.

skf bearing
Above: SKF Kart Unit - a revolutionary solution designed to boost performance. This is the rear axle bearing 'concentric geometry' system, (ConCentra, patented by SKF) that clamps onto the axle, rather than having the grub screws strike it (and thus potentially damage and even crush the axle). It was specifically designed for racing with polymer housing, steel or ceramic balls that help maintain low friction and reduce heat, phosphate coated ring, low-viscosity grease and a removable contact-free seal. Nyck De Vries had these fitted to his Zanardi chassis during his 2010 World Championship campaign.

Above: That's one way to make sure the axle spacers don't go missing!

Above: TR[K] Spider Soft seat from Tom-Tech with high partial-wrap sides comes in 2 different degrees of hardness

Above: A keep-off-the-grass solution employed at Todd Road last year
pic - Ash Budd

Above: Packed up tight ready for the trip home

Above & Below: More applications for kart tyres

Above: WTF?

Above: Last minute setup adjustment. Troy Woolston gets tuned by his dad, Wayne.

Above: With Red Bull's seemingly flexible front wings still a hot topic in F1, what's going on here with Dominic Duparcq, Euro Rotax round 1 Max Masters winner? A secret rudder for in the wet?
pic - Bas Kaligis / RGMMC Media

Above: Aim's Ron Burns demonstrates a playback of the amazing SmartyCam system at the Vic Open. He plans to run a seminar on the product at this year's Nationals -

Above: It's got a tad of understeer...

Above: This metal deflector on the back edge of the radiator on Jordie Lindstrom's KZ2 DR Kart has nothing to do with areodynamics. It's to stop rubber from damaging the cooling fins when it gets flicked up from the inner edge of the rear tyre.

Above: had their racing simulators at the launch of the DPE Track Warrior last year