"Run What You Brung" Racing

This year's Rock Island Grand Prix will feature a full "open" class where engine and chassis rules will be almost non-existent.

The race will be for non-shifter 2-stroke karts up to 150cc, using various weights depending on capacity.

Virtually all modern karting classes have restrictions on carburettors, tyres, engine timing (ports, ignition), head cc etc.

The only things of concern at this event will be bore and stroke (to determine capacity), banning of turbos and Wankel rotaries, and no hydrazine or carcinogenic compounds in the fuel. Everything else is virtually open!

“There’s your challenge to start thinking outside the box” organisers said in a statement. “Grab that old motor off the shelf and figure out how you can make it more powerful; how you can make the chassis lighter; who you can get to drive it who will do more than hold on for dear life!”

“This race will assign bragging rights – for motor builders and drivers. There is no point in finishing second.” Rock Island Grand Prix president Roger Ruthhart said.

The rules are simple – and there aren’t many:

* 2-cycle single-cylinder, non-shifter motors only. No Wankels
* Engines and karts do not need to be homologated. 150cc maximum motor displacement.
* Tech is bore and stroke only.
* No forced induction
* Open tires and compounds. No tire prep allowed. no requiremnt to qualify and race on the same tires.
* Open fuel, except no hydrazine or carcinogenic compounds.
* Bodywork open
* 100cc motors will run at 300 lbs.
* 125cc motors will run at 350 lbs.
* 135cc motors will run at 375 lbs.
* 150cc motors will run at 400 lbs.
* 125cc balance shaft motors (ie Rotax and KF) will run at 400 lbs.
* 150cc balance shaft motors will run at 425 lbs.
* Drivers: Senior only, age 16 and up
* Class will run Pre Final and Final

The Rock Island GP takes place in America on September 2-4.


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