Alonso Now At James Sera Karting Centre

press release

James Sera Karting Centre has just landed the Victorian Distributorship of the all new 2011 Fernando Alonso FA Racing Kart brand, named after 2 time world Formula One champion Fernando Alonso.

james sera alonso fa kartA shipment of the Fernando Alonso FA Kart was air freighted over the Christmas and New Year period to get the karts in Australia as soon as possible.

Three-time Australian Champion and Director of James Sera’s Karting centre, James Sera (right), has a good history with the OTK brands after winning the 2008 Leopard Light Australian Championship and the 2008 Victorian State Championship piloting his Kosmic T11 after kosmic’s relaunch into Australia.

The karting centre has had a busy off season assembling and testing the new 2011 spec Fernando Alonso FA Racing Kart and already sparked interest within the karting industry based on the bright new colours and quality of the kart.

“I love the new 2011 spec kart" James commented. "It's user friendly, easy to adapt to and with my history with Kosmic, its been been an easy transition. A lot of people have commented on how good the kart looks and seem reasonably impressed.

"The new 2011 kart performed perfectly in its shakedown at Oakleigh and Todd Rd, setting extremely good pace. The Fernando Alonso FA Racing kart is just so easy to drive and very user friendly. Entry and mid corner grip in the new kart with the new bearing hangers is definitely an improvement over the 2010 models”.

Fernando Alonso FA Racing kart make a wide variety of models:

  • Rocky (Midget / Rookie chassis)
  • Nordix (Junior chassis)
  • TS30 (Clubman Light and Heavy chassis)
  • Victory 30mm (Leaopard Light, TAG, Clubman Super Heavy)
  • V2 32mm (Rotax, Clubman Super Heavy, TAG)
  • There are KZ versions of both the Victory and V2

More karts are planned to hit Australia late February/early March, although there will most probably be an Airfreight order in between to fill the gap as the demand has been very high.

The new Fernando Alonso FA Racing Kart will have its first shakedown in Australia at the first round of the All Star Series on February 19/20 at the Eastern Lions Hume International Kart club, Puckapunyal. It will also make an appearance at all five rounds of the CIK Stars of Karting with junior young gun Thomas Randle aboard his FA Victory Kart / Vortex / Dunlop.

The Fernando Alonso FA Racing Kart is available for viewing at James Sera’s Karting Centre

For more details Call James on (03) 9551 8982 or email him

Below: Fernando Alonso Driving his Kart on the streets of Spain