Cooloola To Be Okay

The Cooloola kart circuit will be ok. Despite being heavily flooded for some time during the Queensland floods. The club received the good news from an engineer who inspected the facility earlier in the week.

"The seepage drains under the track have stopped running and it is drying out underneath" Dale Coombers informed KartSportNews.

"The recommendation from the engineer was to stay off it for at least two weeks and give it time to dry out.  He said we need a good couple weeks of dry days and the odd afternoon storm won’t really affect it now.  So the committee has decided the track will remain closed until the 25th February to give it a few extra weeks to dry. but if we get a few days to a week of non-stop rain, it may put the re-opening date back."

In the meantime, working bees will be held on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th January to start getting the surrounds of the track ready to re-open for practise.

After January's date was washed out, Cooloola's first meeting of the year is now March 6th.