Sparkling Karting Endorsements

While reading through various print publications recently, I stumbled across some glowing comments about karting from two well respected hard charges – Robert Kubica (F1) and Steve Owen (V8s).

In issue #403 of Australasian Motorsport News, Owen nominated his favourite race as the AKA Karting Nationals at Mt Gambier in 2000.

He was driving for the All Kart team in Clubman Light and talks about qualifying on pole, getting crashed out in the heats followed by a spectacular recovery in the pre-final that set up a win and his first national title.

He said there are about 6 to 8 cars - and probably just four drivers - capable of winning in the Fujitsu series, whereas in karting it was much more open; despite winning the Nationals final by just half a second, many considered it an ‘easy’ win!

”(Karting titles) are so different to winning car racing titles, because everyone is so maxed out in karting” Owen is quoted as saying. “Karting is just the purest form of motorsport.”

Kubica was interviewed in the latest issue (#166) of F1 Racing and asked to nominate his preference for racing the clock (he’s been doing some rallying recently) or racing other competitors in wheel-to-wheel action in F1. He chose neither.

“The best form of racing is karting... because there is no aero and there’s so much mechanical grip. I would love to have F1 races like karting where you battle intensely from the first lap to the last lap but, unfortunately, that is not the case.”

And in the same issue, Jenson Button: “...for raw racing and forgetting all the bullshit, karting is the best.”

Makes you wonder why they bother with F1. Did someone mention money...?