Outcomes From AKA NKC Meeting

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The National Executive of the Australian Karting Association (AKA) and the National Karting Council (NKC) met in Melbourne, Victoria at the weekend with some positive outcomes towards the future of the sport.

One of the major outcomes of the weekend was a decision to investigate the future options for the parity of engines within the Midgets, Rookies, National and Clubman categories.

After some lengthy discussions between the NKC and members of the karting industry, it was decided that a pair of committees would be formed for the purposes of future planning and engine configurations in the categories mentioned above.

A committee chaired by AKA New South Wales President and NKC co-delegate Steve King, in consultation with Craig Denton and Chris Dell will investigate the options for improving the parity of the current engines in the Midgets and Rookies categories.

Karting WA President and NKC delegate Gary Light will chair a second committee in consultation with Kevin McKinnon and Drew Price with a focus on the National and Clubman engines.

In conjunction with aiming to improve the parity of engines in these two groups of categories, both committees will also be investigating the options of the specifications of future engines in these categories.

“These committees have been formed to investigate the options that are available, or planned to be available in the future, for these categories,” said AKA National President Simon Whiting.

“One of the main outcomes that we are looking to achieve out of creating these two committees is to reduce the difference between the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ engines in the categories.

“The Comer and Yamaha engines have both been the backbone of Australian karting for many years and there are good reasons why these engines will be retained. However, in the best interests of the sport we need to investigate the options that are available to provide the best product in terms of budget, competitiveness and fairness for our competitors.”

A significant amount of time was dedicated towards the future of the 125cc categories and improving the product for the Australian karting community. Time was also spent discussing how the AKA can further refine technology to make the newcomers experience of joining the sport as streamlined as possible.

Following the recent alteration to the AKA’s constitution, Craig Denton’s appointment as an additional member of the National Executive was ratified by the NKC.


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