Bercy's Electric Kart Launched

The electic kart to be used at the upcoming Bercy Masters has been made public.

bercy masters electric kart
Above: Jean-Eric Vergne and Miss France 2011 launch the electric machine for Bercy Masters

The karts use a chassis built by Sodi Kart, the ST 32. The electric engine is by Drive Motion, a French specialist of international fame. It's 65V with an output of 25kW (a Rotax MAX is around 21kW) with a liquid cooling system for the electronic controller.

Two Nickel Cobalt Manganese batteries are mounted either side of the chassis within the sidepods and are good for a 15 minute race (ample for the races at Bercy) and have a recharge time of 30 minutes. The package weights 115kg and has a top speed over 100 kmh.

The Bercy Masters take place on 10-11 December.

Above: Apart from the lack of exhaust pipe, visually, this could pass as a standard KF-spec kart