WSK Euro Series, Round 2

Fourteen manufacturers of engines and chassis have been reperesented so far on the podium in the races and in the provisional series rankings of the 2011 WSK Euro Series.

After the second round at Portimao, Portugal, De Vries (Zanardi-Parilla, KF1), Dreezen (Tony Kart-Vortex, KZ1), Johansson (Energy-TM, KZ2), Cucco (Birel-Parilla, KF2) and Verstappen (CRG-Maxter, KF3) are at the top of the rankings.

Above: A large variety of karts and engines are competing in WSK. This is the start of KF1 with Zanardi and Tony Kart on the front row, Kosmic & Birel on row 2.
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Zanardi and De Vries leaders in KF1. English Jordan Chamberlain (Intrepid-TM) handed KF1 leadership to Dutch Nyck De Vries (Zanardi-Parilla). Chamberlain is now third and below Belgian Sebastién Bailly (Kosmic-Vortex). De Vries brought the team Chiesa Corse the win in both Finals and mounted the podium first along with Tony Kart-Vortex colours (with Ignazio D’Agosto from Bari, Italy, and English Chris Lock as 2nd and 3rd in Final 1) and then, with the brand Kosmic that with Vortex engines brought Bailly and Czech Zednek Groman to the places of honour in Final 2.

Tony Kart and Dreezen are a match for KZ1. In Portugal, Belgian Jonathan Thonon (CRG-Maxter) and Dutch Bas Lammers (Intrepid-TM) won alternately Final 1 and Final 2. The provisional leader in the ranking is another Belgian Rick Dreezen (Tony Kart-Vortex) just above Thonon and Lammers. For the team Intrepid, French Jeremy Iglesias contributed to the result finishing second ahead of his teammate Lammers in Final 1. In Final 2 instead, it was French Arnaud Kozlinski (CRG_Maxter) and Belgian Yannick De Brabander (Parolin-TM) to keep the winner Bas Lammers company.

wsk euro round 3
Above: Despite not winning in Portugal, Belgian Rick Dreezen leads the KZ1 points
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Changing of the guard in KZ2 with Energy and Johansson. Winning both Portuguese finals, Swedish Joel Johansson (Energy-TM) is the new KZ2 leader. Dutch Ryan Van De Burgt (Maddox-Parilla) drops to third place below Mirko Torsellini (CRG-Maxter). Finishing second in Final 1 ahead of Swedish Douglas Lundberg (Tony Kart-Vortex), the latter stopped too early in Final 2 and Brasilian Felipe Fraga (CRG-Maxter) and Czech Martin Doubek (Tony Kart-Vortex) mounted the podium.

Above: Johansson leads a row of helmets and radiators in KZ2
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Birel and Cucco always at the top in KF2. Portuguese Francisco Abreu (Tony Kart-Vortex) dominated in KF2 seeing that he won both Pre-final and Final but Cucco from Biella, Italy (Birel-Parilla) is always at the top of the ranking. Abreu follows closely above Belgian Sami Luka (Energy-TM). Italian Damiano Fioravanti and Danish Nicolaj Moller-Madsen finished second and third in Pre-final whereas Danish Kevin Rossel (RK-BMB) and Lars Sorensen (Birel-BMB) mounted the podium in Final.

Above: Cucco leads the KF2 standings for Birel/Parilla
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CRG and Verstappen take the lead in KF3. Acknowledged champion in KF3 is Verstappen (CRG-Parilla) that hit the jackpot by winning both Pre-final and Final. This result shoots the Dutch driver to the top of the ranking while English Callan Okeeffe loses the leadership and falls to third place below French Esteban Ocon (both on a FA Kart-Vortex). A top-flight performance for Calabrian Antonio Fuoco (Top Kart-TM) that concluded second in Pre-final ahead of Swedish Robin Hansson (Energy-TM). In Final, Norwegian Dennis Olsen (Energy-TM) and Danish Nicolai Sylvest mounted the places of honour.

Above: Max Verstappen is the benchmark in KF3
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