CRG Team Report - Euro Trophies

press release

According to their country of origin, KF2 & KF3 drivers moved either to France, in Varennes-sur-Allier, or to England, in Brandon, to discover the new CIK/FIA South and North European Trophies. But the main goal of these two meetings was most of all achieving the qualification for the final phase of the European Championship, to be held in Zuera (Spain) in July. And finally there were 6 drivers on CRG chassis who accomplished the task...


KF2: Easy Task for Gatting and Gonzales
Still little known on the international scene, French young driver Nicolas Gonzales was one of the revelations of the meeting organised at Varennes-sur-Allier. "I have driven a CRG-Maxter since the start of the season and I am very happy with it" Nicolas said. "My level of performance was excellent here in Varennes. I made an excellent start and I began to gain ground over the leaders. I saw myself in the top 5 and I even thought I could make it to the podium, but I lost a few places in a clash. I wish to thank Arnaud Kozlinski (CRG official driver in KZ1) who came to give me some advice and assist me".


Gonzales concluded with a 9th place, just like Michelle Gatting in England, who also qualified easily. Unfortunately, the Danish girl lost a few places in the standings on Saturday after a problem in one of the heats, but then managed to move up again from 18th to 9th during the final. Italian Giovanni Martinez - who also drives a CRG - was also one of the qualified drivers for the European Championship.

Jinya-Yamakawa.jpgKF3: Speed and Disappointment
For a driver and also for his team it is never easy to retire with less than a lap to go after dominating the qualifying round. But this is exactly what happened to Max Verstappen on the PF International circuit. After setting the second best lap time in the timed session, just five hundreds/sec short of the pole position, the Dutch driver from CRG team brilliantly won his four qualifying heats. Unfortunately, the final race did not go as he had expected despite his evident superiority. But Max will certainly be ready for his revenge at next European Championship.

In July, he will race against two other drivers who qualified at the wheels of their CRG-Maxters, i.e. Max Koebolt - also Dutch - and Japanese Jinya Yamakawa. Despite his lack of karting experience in Europe, Jinya defended his position with honour on the very difficult Brandon track, in England. He concluded three heats out of four in the top 10 before he secured a 20th place in the KF3 final race, with 74 entered drivers for this North European Trophy