Big Brother Is Watching At WSK Events

Safety and adherence to regulations are basic points for the management of WSK Promotion events, such as the WSK Euro Series.

In addition to the kart-mounted cameras, further technology and equipment has been employed for 2011 to assist race control; trackside cameras and a control room.

There is obviously a significant amount of money being spent in the WSK series, both by the promoter and the competitors. Is this something that could benefit the big events in Australian karting at some stage in the future?

Cameras all over the track

At WSK events, a network of cameras are now positioned at various places around the racetrack to help marshals in the task of controlling drivers’ conduct. Currently, 10 cameras are used, but this number will soon increase to 14.

Every camera is connected to the Race Control Room where the whole track is under surveillance through a set of monitors. That way, every stage of a race is witnessed in case officials need to step in and take action.

Above: A technician adjusts one of the many cameras employed at a WSK event. This one is mounted on the starting gantry to overlook race starts and the main straight.

Control room

A new mobile Control Room located inside a motor home will add to the WSK Promotion vehicle fleet. It is used as the race control centre for the event and provides perfect backup material for the stewards to make decisions.

"The final goal consists in preventively advising everybody against improper behaviour and avoiding that way any unpleasant consequence that such behaviour may originate" WSK informed KartSportNews.

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Above & Below: A mobile control room is located inside this motor home where vision from all cameras can be viewed.