British Super One MSA/TKM Series Round 2

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MSA British Junior Kart Championship KF3
Callan O’Keeffe’s dominance in this year’s MSA British Junior kart championship for KF3 was interrupted by a strong challenge from Zanardi-mounted Matthew Graham at the Oxfordshire circuit.  The Durham driver bounced back from a technical exclusion for excessive clutch slip in a heat, charging up from 16th on the grid in the first final to relieve George Russell of the lead mid-race, although it had been Dylon Phibbs who had led most of the first half.  But O’Keeffe was handily placed and a decisive move put him in a winning position.  “With three minutes to go I lunged Graham, but it was very hard to stay in the lead,” said O’Keeffe after he had led Phibbs, Graham, Russell and Ben Barnicoat over the line.

msa/tkm series rnd 2
Above: Callan O'Keeffe
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O’Keeffe and Graham pulled out a large gap over Phibbs in the second final, the latter pipped by Russell on the last lap.  Graham waited until the end to make his move on the RFM FA driver, the pair entering the chicane side by side but clashing on the apex with O’Keeffe spat out to the side over the kerbs and forced to settle for second.  “It was a bit tight, but it was my line,” opined Graham.  Roy Johnson, who had been running in fifth earlier, fell away to ninth, whilst Barnicoat inherited fifth when Alex Hamilton’s rear axle broke, the errant wheel and sprocket luckily missing the other karts.

Results Final 1
1 Callan O’Keeffe (F.Alonso/Vortex)
2 Dylon Phibbs (Tonykart/TM)
3 Matthew Graham (Zanardi/Parilla)
4 George Russell (Intrepid/TM)
5 Ben Barnicoat (Topkart/TM)
6 Roy Johnson (Topkart/IAME)

Results Final 2
1 Graham
2 O’Keeffe
3 Russell
4 Phibbs
5 Barnicoat
6 Darius Karbaley (F.Alonso/Vortex)

Championship Positions (Provisional)
1 Callan O’Keeffe 198
2 George Russell 176
3 Roy Johnson 175

Marussia Virgin Formula KGP
Coming from the back of the grid after a carburettor problem forced a heat non-finish, Mark Litchfield stormed through to relieve Michael Simpson of the first final lead with laps to spare.  Simpson put up little resistance to come in a safe second.  Phil Smith leapfrogged Jake Hughes and when Justin Edgar lost touch with the Tom Fawcett and Simpson, he reeled them all in to vault into third.  Of course Litchfield had sliced through this entire group en route to the win.  Hughes nipped past Fawcett on the last lap.  Simpson surprised Litchfield with a late dive in the chicane on the first lap of the second final then put up a stiff resistance for a couple of laps before Litchfield forced past at the last hairpin for the lead.  Simpson fell to fifth, and lacking straight line speed waited until the last lap when Smith, Fawcett and Hughes all started fighting.  Fawcett escaped the battle to seal second, whilst Simpson used his experience to pick off the other two.

Above: Mark Litchfield
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Results Final 1
1 Mark Litchfield (F.Alonso)
2 Michael Simpson (Birel)
3 Phil Smith (Tonykart)
4 Jake Hughes (Birel)
5 Tom Fawcett (Birel)
6 Steven Napier (Tonykart)

Final 2
1 Litchfield
2 Fawcett
3 Simpson
4 Hughes
5 Smith
6 Jason Moore (Tonykart)

Championship positions
1 Michael Simpson 194
2 Tom Fawcett 177
3 Jake Hughes 172

ABkC Comer Cadet National Championship
Jamie Caroline came out on top of epic battles in both finals. Although repeatedly pushed back down the order, he always came back and managed to defend the last few laps of the first final.  Josh Smith had led at the beginning but came off worst in a fight with Oliver Norris and Daniel Ticktum, the latter excluded for the incident.  Norris fell to sixth, whilst Caroline battled with Shanaka Clay, Hugo Bently-Ellis, Alex Stott and Ryan Anderton as they finished in that order. 

The second final was no less exciting, Caroline more than often in the lead until William Taylforth and Clay pushed him back for their own battle.   Then Stott briefly broke away from the rest, until Caroline reeled him in to lead once more, towing the rest of the pack along.  Ticktum had stormed through the whole field after his exclusion to vie for the lead, only for Connor Hall to pick it up until he clashed with Anderton, both dropping back.  Caroline once more took up the reins by getting a run on Taylforth with Clay in third, whilst Ticktum was hung out to dry and fell to sixth.

Results Final 1
1 Jamie Caroline (Zip)
2 Shanaka Clay (Tonykart)
3 Hugo Bently Ellis (Zip)
4 Alex Stott (Zip)
5 Ryan Anderton (Zip)
6 Lando Norris (Tonykart)

Final 2
1 Caroline
2 William Taylforth (Zip)
3 Clay
4 Dean McDonald (JKH)
5 Josh Smith (Zip)
6 Daniel Ticktum (Zip)

Championship positions
1 Jamie Caroline 177
2 Oliver Norris 174
3 William Taylforth 174

Super Cadet
Billy Monger continued with his unbroken winning record in a slightly depleted class.  Despite a poor qualifying and heat DNF he soon reached the front in the first final to be hounded throughout by Harrison Thomas and Gaby Weyer.    Owen Griffiths and Matteo Zanetti squabbled over fourth, Zanetti getting a nose ahead but briefly.  Thomas briefly forged ahead but Monger came straight back at him, only for the slight impediment letting Weyer leapfrog both.  But Monger arrowed up her inside to snatch the win, Thomas third.  The second final was much of a re-run, Monger and Weyer trading the lead until the last lap when Weyer left the door open for Thomas to grab second place, Monger the winner once more.  Zanetti was out on his own in fourth after Griffiths had a quick off.

Above: Super Cadet podium
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Results Final 1
1 Billy Monger (Birel/LKE)
2 Gary Weyer (Birel/LKE)
3 Harrison Thomas (Birel/LKE)
4 Owen Griffiths (Wright/Parilla)
5 Matteo Zanetti (BRM/IAME)
6 Max Stilp (Zanardi/LKE)

Final 2
1 Monger
2 Thomas
3 Weyer
4 Zanetti
5 Matthew Taylor (BRM/IAME)
6 Griffiths

Championship Positions
1 Billy Monger 200
2 Harrison Thomas 180
3 Owen Griffiths 178

ABkC Junior TKM National Championships
Despite a driving standards heat exclusion, Danny Keirle soon stormed to the front of the first final from his grid 16 start, aided by missing the first corner carnage.  He rapidly sliced through the third place contest, passing Oliver Basey-Fisher for third and reeling in Jake Walker and Toby Sowery.  Two swift moves disposed of this pair and although Walker hung on valiantly, the win was Keirle’s on the locally manufactured Jade kart in this 100cc air-cooled economy class. 

Walker and Basey-Fisher pushed Keirle down to third in the opening laps of the second final, but Keirle squeezed through a tiny opening at Park corner to take the lead.  Walker lost touch, dropping behind Lee Harrison.  Basey-Fisher dived inside at the chicane, the pair rubbing sidepods but Keirle emerged from the last corner as winner once more, Basey-Fisher having come off leaving Ryan Stronach to vault from fifth to second in the melee, Harrison, Matt Davies and Walker next.  Keirle was initially penalised five places, but won his appeal to the Stewards of the meeting to be re-instated.

Above: Danny Keirle
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Results Final 1
1 Danny Keirle (Jade)
2 Jake Walker (Jade)
3 Toby Sowery (Intrepid)
4 Oliver Basey-Fisher (Tonykart)
5 Lee Harrison (Tonykart)
6 Sam Randon (Tonykart)

Final 2
1 Keirle
2 Ryan Stronach (Jade)
3 Harrison
4 Matt Davies (Jade)
5 Walker
6 Sowery

Championship points
1 Danny Keirle 196
2 Toby Sowery 186
3 Jake Walker 178

TKM Extreme
One of only two classes not to have a double winner, Charlie Bruce-White and James Bartlett shared the honours.  In the first final, Bartlett, Bruce-White and Ashley Jones broke away but when the first two starting dicing the next group caught up with Jones falling to sixth only regaining one spot by the chequer flag.  Bruce-White shouldered past Bartlett then defended strongly until the end, with Gary Henderson-Keirle and Paul Monks next in an eight kart queue over the line.  Bartlett and Jones broke clear in the second final, leaving Bruce-White to battle with Joshua Waring in another long train of karts.  With no opening in prospect, Jones settled for second, whilst Monks had just cleared the fourth place fight.  Rob Wallace was penalised one place for allegedly passing Waring during a yellow flag section, demoted to sixth.

Above: James Bartlett
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Results Final 1
1 Charlie Bruce-White (Tonykart)
2 James Bartlett (Tonykart)
3 Gary Henderson-Keirle (X30)
4 Paul Monks (Tal-Ko)
5 Ashley Jones (Jade)
6 Joshua Waring (ARC)

Final 2
1 Bartlett
2 Jones
3 Monks
4 Henderson-Keirle
5 Waring
6 Rob Wallace (Tal-Ko)

Championship points
1 James Bartlett 192
2 Joshua Waring 179
3 Charlie Bruce-White 163