Kart Tear Offs Now Available From No*Clones

press release

No*Clones has several new and innovative products on the drawing board that will innovate the Kart Decals and Stickers market.

The latest offering, Kart Tear Off’s, is an optically clear medium-tack, adhesive ‘protector film’ that applies directly over the top of your existing kart stickers to protect them from regular tyre scrubs and scratches. They remove clean and without leaving a sticky residue.

no clones kart decal tear offs
Above: A kart 'tear-off' easily pulls away leaving fresh and clean surface underneath

Each set ordered includes the critical impact areas of the selected kart plastics shape and are priced to sell. They’re easy to apply, as with all of the No*Clones range of products.

No*Clones has these Tear Off’s available in many plastics shapes and also offer ‘full sheets’ of this protection film for sale if your specific kart shape isn’t currently serviced.

Don’t forget the Free Postage within Australia on all No*Clones products.

There is a video clip on the No*Clones website of the product in action.

Check out this great product and much more at: www.noclones.com.au


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