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Euro Chassis and Developments


The ART Grand Prix team revealed its new kart chassis during the recent WSK Cup Final in Italy. The red and white machines employ a traditional frame layout and use 30mm tube. The TS-01 model is said to be suitable for KF3, KF2/KF1 and KZ.

Above: produced this video of the ART GP team karts

Sodi Kart 'Futura' Prototype

Sodi Kart used a prototype chassis in the KF1 class at the Sarno World Championship round. Interestingly, this kart featured what looks like front suspension and has its roots in the controversial design that was used by David Terrien to win the 1993 Formula A World Championship.

No actual springs are used, and the kart has what is essentially an upper control arm to adjust camber and caster independently of each other. There is also a fixed (but removable) torsion bar to adjust the amount of flex in the area on each side of the kart. Both items have been re-engineered from the original 1993 design to comply with current CIK-FIA homologation - which suggests Sodi could be looking to use this design in other classes.

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