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Provisional Australian Superkart Championship Points

from Mark Jones

Warren McIlveen in the Mac's Marine/Stockman Superkarts Stockman-Honda only took his first 2011 race victory on Sunday morning at Phillip Island, but it was the shot in the arm to pull away from Darren Hossack in the Safe Evolutions Anderson-Safe and the last two races he proved to have enough buffer to hold off the closing PVP-FPE of Anton Stevens.

It is McIlveen's eighth Australian Superkart title win and his seventh (expanding his own record) in the 250 International Class.

Luke May won seven out of seven races in the STR Truck Bodies/Dunlop Kartsport Anderson-Honda in the 250 National class. He never looked like being threatened until Dalton Rowell trimmed four seconds of his lap time in Race 3 keeping the title alive to the final race by the slimmest of margins.

Jeff Reed needed to retire in the last race and Tim Philp needed to win to deny Reed a long awaited 125 championship after being close for three years. Reed's Honda RS125 engine siezed in the Enware/The Chrome Shop Stockman as he was leaving the pits leaving Reed a nervous wait as he waited to see if Philp could beat Brad Stebbing to take the win. He could not by five seconds, leaving Reed nonetheless a deserving champion.

provisional championship points after 2 of 2 rounds:

250 International:
116 Warren McIlveen (Mac's Marine/Stockman Superkarts Stockman-Honda)
104 Anton Stevens ( PVP-FPE)
82 Russell Jamieson (Coach Design Anderson-DEA)
71 Darren Hossack (Safe Evolutions Anderson-Safe)
69 Jason Smith (Fuji Xerox Anderson-FPE)
67 Sam Zavaglia (Sam Zavaglia Racing Stockman-Yamaha)
56 Brett Purdie (Martelco Equipment Hire PVP-Yamaha)
46 Gary Pegoraro (Dunlop Kartsport/BRC Engines Anderson-BRC)
46 Carlo Chermaz (Buildersmile Constructions SKE Dozer-DEA)
44 Steven Tamasi (Domain Prestige Homes Stockman-Honda)
43 Yiani Harpas (Red Ice Racing Zip-BRC)
38 Stephen Castles (Top Torque Engines Stockman-Honda)
37 Kristian Stebbing (Suburban Accounting Stockman-Yamaha)
34 Vince Livaditis (Smash Solutions Racing PVP-PVP)
30 Rod Prickett (Rocket Race Engines Rocket-Safe)
26 Robert Oakley (Stockman-Honda)
23 Jason Laker (SKE Dozer-FPE)
23 Aaron Lawson (PVP-Yamaha)
22 Stuart Kostera (Denture Professionals Zip-BRC)
19 Chas Madderin (Maddern Oil PVP-Yamaha)
16 Shannon Novaski (Adelaide Timber Supplies/HomesofIntegrity PVP-Yamaha)
14 Dean McGinty (Lofty Coaches PVP-Yamaha)
11 Mark Hanson (Denture Professionals Zip-BRC)
10 Todd Johnson (Zip BDH Zip-BRC)
2 Alex Soravia (Qantas Courier Stockman-Honda)
1 Darren Kitchen (Precision Contracting Zip-BRC)

250 National:
150 Luke May (STR Truck Bodies/Dunlop Kartsport Anderson-Honda)
119 Dalton Rowell (DLR Racing Stockman-Honda)
97 Martin Latta (Viper Racing UK/MJR Bricklaying Anderson-Honda)
96 Brendan Luneman (Soma Building Services/Wizzer Engines Anderson-Yamaha)
49 Matthew Palmer (STR Truck Bodies Anderson-Honda)
46 Frank Giglio (GR Industries Stockman-Honda)
33 John Pellicano (Giova Design Avoig-KTM)
32 Brett Campbell (Betta Calibrations Anderson)
27 Phil Webb (Raceteck/Sugarless Confectionary Company PFP Raider-Honda)
7 Barry Kunowski (BK Electrical Formula 1-Honda)

125 Gearbox:
96 Jeff Reed (Enware/The Chrome Factory Stockman-Honda)
94 Tim Philp (Floth Sustainable Building Consultants Avoig-Honda)
90 Brad Stebbing (Suburban Accounting Stockman-Yamaha)
85 Rod Conn (Arconn Refrigeration Stockman-Honda)
80 Drene Jamieson (Linra Property Group Stockman-Honda)
78 Paul Campbell (Redback Racepaint Avoig-Honda)
70 Mehmet Sinani (Benson-Honda)
56 Paul Degan (Labour Options BRM-Honda - 1st Stock-Honda)
52 Anthony Lappas (Romeo's Foodland IGA Zip-BRC)
50 Mike Wayne (Labour Options Arrow-Honda - 2nd Stock-Honda)
41 Mark Vickers (Persas Arrow-Honda - 3rd Stock-Honda)
40 Stewart Bell (Linra Property Group Stockman-Honda)
35 Matt Bass (Top Torque Engines Stockman-Honda)
29 Phil Silcock (Rockpress Stockman-Honda)
22 Greg Bass (Sam Zavaglia Racing Gold-Honda - 4th Stock-Honda)
21 Brian Wild (Wild 1 Racing Stockman-Honda)
21 Tracey Crawford (Sam Zavaglia Racing Gold-Honda - 5th Stock-Honda)
15 Anthony Cristallo (Avoig-Honda)
10 Robert Xerri (Bakker-Honda)