Near Full Grid For Australian Sprint Kart Endurance Titles

from Paul Hewitt

An almost full grid of teams will line up for the longest running two stroke endurance event in Australia at the Raleigh International Raceway this weekend. Drivers from NSW and QLD will compete in both Heavy and Light divisions racing over 300 laps (315km) of the highly regarded Raleigh Raceway.

Defending Champions Luke Wall and John Bailey will be hard to beat, given their past form at this event plus recent good showings at the Pro tour events. The Wall/Bailey team will have to contend with their usual foes in Paul Morandini and former World Champ Ben George who are worthy opponents in this format. Looking to catch these two by surprise will be the V8 max team of Ferry Haswell who podiumed last year. Gary Chick is a dark horse who knows the event well and will be there lurking in the background.

In the Heavy Division Affordable Palletts Dave Mitchell will again be using his mastery of tactics to full effect and will be “thief in the night” for sure. Brian Callaghan will be the class favourite and is usually quick and only mechanical failure will slow him down. The “boys from the bush” that is a strong team from the Moree district will be keen to do well led by their leader and Past winner Michael Abrahamsen.

Its pleasing to see a number of new teams and some co-drivers making their first appearance at the event. Endurance racing using the available 125cc engines like the Rotax and Fireball, and Leopards, is a real challenge for those used to the hectic 10 lap dashes. Thinking on the run, being able to maintain a pace, and fitness is all part of a successful event. Its by no means easy as the pace is very quick with drivers doing near qualifying times for at least 1 hour behind the wheel and doing that twice in the event. All Sprintkarters should consider challenging themselves with this event as it really does expose themselves to many things that future racers may find useful in their  pursuit of their motorsport  careers.