Rotax Coil Exchange Program Not Relevant For Australia

IKD has informed KartSportNews that an ignition coil exchange program being run by BRP-Powertrain (Rotax) has no relevance for Australian Rotax racers.

  1. The exchange program outlined in the circular below is not relevant for the Australian market. IKD has not supplied any of the these coils, either with an engine or as spare parts. IKD made the decision to refuse to allow these coils to enter our market and therefore there have been none supplied by IKD to Australian racers.
  2. All Rotax resellers have been advised of this information today.

Above: Details of the coil exchange program that is being run in other parts of the world. If you see this on other websites saying the program is world-wide, be aware that it is not. There is no need for such a program in this country as the Australian importer never supplied the part here.