NSW Speedway Karts, Round 5

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from Wayne Baines


Wow, what a fantastic day the 2011 Wescranes Speedway Kart Grand Prix turned out to be last Sunday for the New South Wales Speedway Kart Club.

nsw speedway karts
Above: Junior driver Ashleigh Jack hooks it up through turn 1
pic - Gavin Skene, stillshots.com.au

Not only was the speedway action some of the best racing of the season, International and Australian Cricket Legend Glenn McGrath and his family were there to witness it!

News and photos about McGrath at, and on, the track HERE.

The action on track was led off by the Clubman Heavy class.  Throughout the season, this class has been tight and again there were four different winners for the four races.  In Heat 1 Gary Slarke showed the field the way to the chequered flag, second was Tim Baker followed by Adam Hunter. In Heat 2, Australian Champion, Daniel Selmes, won and the minor placings were Tim Baker 2nd and Shannon Bree 3rd.  Heat 3 saw points leader Tim Baker take the win with Gary Slarke chasing him home for 2nd and Shannon Bree 3rd. In the feature, a close and hard fought race saw David Cochran lead home Adam Hunter and Daniel Selmes.

Overall points for the day were: 1st Tim Baker, 2nd Gary Slarke, 3rd Daniel Selmes.

Above: First year Midget driver Luke Geering
pic - Gavin Skene, stillshots.com.au

Juniors were up next and, at this race meeting, it was the young ladies who shone at the end of the day.  All year it has been a battle of the sexes in this class with the biggest contingent of female drivers of any division.  In Heat 1 Lindsay Jones started her day off well with a win, Amy Shute ran 2nd and Jake Baines was 3rd.  Heat 2 and the boys hit back with Club Champion Nathan Camilleri winning the heat ahead of Jordan Binskin and Daniel Sayre.  Lindsay Jones “returned serve” in Heat 3 taking the win from Jordan Binskin and Daniel Sayre.
Come feature time Lindsay was the high points driver and started from the back of the pack.  At race end however it was Amy Shute taking a very popular win from Jake Baines in 2nd and Katelyn Hickey 3rd.

Overall points for the day were: 1st Lindsay Jones, 2nd Daniel Sayre, 3rd Jordan Binskin.

Above: Junior driver Jake Baines with James McGrath before his first go
pic - Gavin Skene, stillshots.com.au

Using the Nepean circuit next were the boys from KT Pro and, again, the racing from the Club’s most senior drivers was nothing short of spectacular.

Heat 1 saw Cameron Coghlan leading home John Watton and David Hopping.  In Heat 2 Michael Jordan (after a DNF in Heat 1) was first home chased by Wayne Baines and David Hopping. Heat 3 and Cameron Coghlan picked up his second win of the day and had him high points going into the final but an unfortunate DNF denied him his second round victory of the year. Home 2nd in the heat was David Boyd and 3rd Michael Jordan. The feature was a fast paced race and Wayne Baines led home the field over Michael Jordan in 2nd and John Watton 3rd.
Overall points on the day: 1st David Hopping, 2nd John Watton, 3rd David Boyd. 

The sister class to KT Pro, the KT Light class was up next and, as was the case for Cameron in KT Pro, the high points man Daniel Gow, going into the feature race, would DNF and cost him the round victory.
In Heat 1 James Melling continued his form and showed the field a clean pair of heels to take victory over Daniel Gow and Kyle Caunt in 3rd. In Heat 2 Daniel Gow would go one better and win the heat from Tim Beattie and Garry Morris.  Heat 3 was a repeat with “Gowie“ victorious however he was chased all the way by Tim Beattie and in 3rd place was James Melling. The feature race dealt a cruel blow to Daniel which allowed Kyle Caunt to drive to victory over 2nd place Garry Morris and 3rd place Tim Beattie.
Overall points on the day: 1st Tim Beattie, 2nd James Melling, 3rd Garry Morris.

Above: Midget driver Payton Coghlan on the gas
pic - Gavin Skene, stillshots.com.au

The mighty Midgets hit the track next and all year it has been a battle of two - Kaidon Brown and Jake Donaldson.  While Kaidon has been superb, Jake has been chipping away and has had a number of second places to Kaidon. Last round they were tied on top points however, on Sunday, Jake would break through and knock Kaidon off the “top step” for the first time this year. The racing as always from these young children was again great to watch and the maturity they show is far above their age.

In the opening heat of the day, Jake Donaldson found the chequered flag 1st  followed by Kaidon Brown and in 3rd place it was the ever improving Liam Walker.  Heat 2 saw the “wee man “ Andrew Sayre take the win, he led home Kaidon Brown and Jake Donaldson.  Kaidon Brown took victory in Heat 3 whilst Andrew Sayre hung on to 2nd place from a hard charging Liam Camilleri. The feature race was great to watch and Connor Moreau, who lead most of the race, was only just pipped by Jake Donaldson who drove a faultless race from position 12 to win. At the race end it was Jake 1st from Connor in 2nd and Liam Camilleri 3rd.

Overall points on the day: 1st Jake Donaldson, 2nd Kaidon Brown, 3rd Liam Camilleri.

Above: Glenn McGrath with the Midget drivers
pic - Gavin Skene, stillshots.com.au

The last class to race was Clubman Light. The points chase in this class is very close and the crowd on hand were all eager to see how it would unfold.

Heat 1 had  “Bobby “ Jason Woodward continue his winning way by taking victory over Cameron Ware, who has just returned to racing after a couple of years off, in 2nd and Dan Morris in 3rd.  In Heat 2 Dan Morris took the lead early in the race and never looked back, taking the win from Jason Woodward and Sean Mayo. Heat 3 and Dan repeated his Heat 2 performance and smoked the field, leading home Jason Woodward in 2nd and Jono Bright 3rd.

The final race of the day was worth watching as both Jason and Dan cut their way through traffic to get to the front and battle it out. At the drop of the chequered flag, Jason would get the win from Jono Bright and Sean Mayo was able to hold off Dan to grab 3rd.

Overall points on the day: 1st Jason Woodward, 2nd Dan Morris, 3rd Sean Mayo.

The day was a huge success for the Club, both on and off the track, and everyone went home with great anticipation of the Grand Final round to be held on Sunday,  27 November.

Above: The Baines’ and the McGrath’s
pic - Gavin Skene, stillshots.com.au

The NSWSKC has now planned its Presentation Night, which is always a great event, for Sunday, 11 December at St Marys Leagues Club and visitors are more than welcome.  Details can be found on the Club’s website at www.nswskc.com.au

The NSWSKC would like to acknowledge and thank all their corporate partners for their continued support throughout 2011.

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