Glenn McGrath Takes To Karting

glenn mcgrath at the kart racesInternational and Australian Cricket legend Glenn McGrath (right, stillshots pic) attended the fifth round of the NSW Speedway Kart Club's series last Sunday. Glenn and his son James not only attended the event, they took to the track as well!

The McGraths attended the meeting as part of a reward to the Club for the support they have been giving junior racer Jake Baines with his Breast Cancer Awareness fund raising this season.

"Both Glenn and James were able to get a couple of laps in the karts and were wrapped with them" club President Wayne Baines informed KartSportNews.

"Glenn signed autographs, had photos taken with everyone and then was good enough to stay and present the trophies at the end of the meeting.

"The atmosphere of the whole day was fantastic and everyone enjoyed it."

  • Race report, results and photos from the meeting HERE.

Above: The world record holding fast bowler takes to the track
pic - Gavin Skene,

Above: James McGrath ready for a spin in Jakes Baines' kart
pic - Gavin Skene,

Above: McGrath Snr was kept busy signing autographs
pic - Gavin Skene,

glenn mcgrath go karting
Above: Alana Baines (#14) 14 cuts laps with a 3-wheeling Glenn McGrath (6)
pic - Gavin Skene,