Preview: Auskart's Final Round, The Lakeside 300

press release

The Lakeside 300 is the grand final in the Auskart Racing Leagues championship (round 9) and will take place at Lakeside Park on November 19-20.

Last year the Lakeside 300 was run as a non-championship round, and was a two driver event over one day. This year drivers opted to have the endurance event as part of the championship, so this year the format was changed to 1 driver, over two days, 150 laps Saturday and 150 laps on Sunday ( 250 kilometres in total).

At the end of Saturdays race all the kart's fuel tanks and tyres will be sealed ensuring the kart starts Sunday's race how it finished the previous day. Sunday’s race start is the only race in the Auskart championship that has a rolling start, and drivers will start from finishing results on Saturday. Auskart generally has standing starts in all races controlled by a series of starting lights.

The most popular class “Powered by Subaru”, will have its champion decided at the Lakeside 300 race. With a hotly contested year so far, the championship for the “Powered by Subaru” class is going to be one hell of a battle. With just 20 points separating 1st to 3rd, one DNF or bad result will see the championship go to any one of three drivers - Shaun Walsh 2nd, series leader Rob Fleischer, or Nathan Pearce 3rd. A mere 5 points separates the youngsters Shaun and Nathan. Shaun Walsh is going for back- to-back championships, so he is keen to make it happen.

This year’s Lakeside 300 is also a charity drive for Starlight Foundation. All the drivers have sought sponsorship for competing in the race and all proceeds will be donated to the Starlight Foundation.

The Auskart Racing series is homed at Lakeside Park and Queensland Raceways Willowbank.