Rotax Confirm Jnr MAX Result From 2010 Wont Change

Rotax has confirmed that Martin Ramp, the Estonian driver who crossed the line first in Junior MAX at the 2010 World Final in Italy, but was subsequently disqualified for using an unauthorised part, will stay disqualified.

Ramp's team, AGS Racing, filed an appeal against the disqualification via the Italian Motorsport Federation (CSAI). The Federation subsequently replaced the disqualification with an 800 Euro fine, handing the win back to Ramp.

Rotax, however, refuse to reinstate Ramp as the winner.

The whole matter is the result of a non-genuine seat stay being used on Ramp's kart. The Junior class used Sodi chassis at the event and Sodi seat stays were an approved but optional part. Due to Ramp's short stature, the seat position used meant one of the Sodi seat stays did not fit. Sodi did not have any parts at the event long enough to reach. The team subsequently fitted a seat stay off a Zanardi kart.

"The ROTAX MAX Challenge stands for fair competition with similar equipment. The detailed technical regulations and their strict enforcement are a fundamental part of the ROTAX MAX Challenge" the company said in a statement.

"In the light of this recent event, we will put even more emphasis on directing the participant's attention to the applicable rules and procedures for the upcoming Grand Finals, which will remain unchanged. This is key to ensure that the racing conditions are the same for every driver."

Above: Rump's disqualification handed the win to Jordi van Moorsel and elevated Australia's Pierce Lehane onto the podium

The statement from BRP-Powertrain is below: