2012 SA Race Calendar

The Australian Karting Association of South Australia has released the 2012 state race calendar. The Festival State Cup runs over 5 rounds and there are quite a number of Saturday events.


Tues    10th/Wed 11th               Junior Development camp                           Southern
Sun      15th                                 Come & Try day                                             Barossa
Thurs   26th                                 Australia Day Classic                                  Southern


Sat         4th                                 Whyalla Club Day                                                Whyalla
Sat       11th                                 Doug Liddle/Rod Gardner Memorial           Barossa
Sat       18th                                     Broken Hill Club Day                                Broken Hill
Sun      19th                                     Mt Gambier Club Day                                 Mt Gambier
Sat        25th/Sun 26th                     Stars of Karting Series   Round 1                 Southern


Sat          3rd                                     Whyalla Club Day                                               Whyalla
Sun       11th                                     GCKSA   Open meeting                                   Monarto
Sat        17th                                     Broken Hill Club Day                                           Broken Hill
Sun       18th                                    Mt Gambier Cub Day                                            Mt Gambier
Sat        24th/Sun25th                    SA Festival State Cup Rd 1  Mt Gambier            Mt Gambier


Sun      15th                                         Dublin Open Meeting                                        Monarto
Sun      15th                                    Mt Gambier Club Day                                          Mt Gambier
Sat       21st                                     Broken Hill Club Day                                              Broken Hill
Sun      22nd                                    Southern  Closed Club Series  Rd1                   Southern
Sat       28th/Sun 29th                    SA Closed State Titles                                         Southern


Sat        5th                                     Whyalla Club Day                                                     Whyalla
Sun       6th                                     Mt Gambier Club Day                                              Mt Gambier
Sat      12th                                     Festival State Cup Series Rd 2   Barossa           Barossa
Sat      19th                                     Broken Hill Club Day                                              Broken Hill
Sun     27th                                     GKCSA   Open Meeting                                            Monarto


Sat       2nd                                   Whyalla   Open Meeting                                      Whyalla
Sun      3rd                                     Southern Closed Club Series  Rd2                 Southern
Sun      3rd                                     Mt Gambier Club Day                                          Mt Gambier
Sun     10th                                    Come & Try day                                                     Southern
Sat      16th                                    Broken Hill Club Day                                           Broken Hill
Sun      17th                                   Festival State Cup Series Rd 3    Dublin            Monarto
Sat     30th                                    City of Whyalla Titles                                              Whyalla


Sun       1st                                    City of Whyalla Titles                                           Whyalla
Sat       14th                                  Night Titles                                                           Barossa
Sat       21st                                  Broken Hill Club Day                                            Broken Hill
Sun      22nd                                 Mt Gambier club day                                            Mt Gambier
Sat       28th/ Sun 29th                City of Adelaide Titles                                           Southern


Sat        4th                                  Whyalla Club Day                                                  Whyalla
Sun       5th                                  Mt Gambier Club Day                                           Mt Gambier
Sun      12th                                Festival State Cup Series  Rd 4 GKCSA          Monarto
Sat       18th                                Broken Hill Club Day                                              Broken Hill
Sat       25th                                Midget/Rookie/Junior Challenge                           Barossa


Sat       1st                                  Whyalla Club Day                                                    Whyalla
Sun      9th                                Dublin  Open Meeting                                               Monarto
Sat       15th                               Broken Hill Club Day                                               Broken Hill
Sun      16th                               Southern Closed Club Series  Rd 3                     Southern
Sun      16th                               Mt Gambier Club Day                                               Mt Gambier
Sun      23rd                               Festival State Cup Series  Rd 5   Southern         Southern


Sat        6th/ Sun 7th                River City Titles    GKCSA                                    Monarto
Sat        6th                               Whyalla Club Day                                                    Whyalla
Sat       13th/ Sun 14th             Junior Sprint Classic   Mt Gambier                   Mt Gambier
Sat      20th                               Jenke Vineyards Vintage Classic                     Barossa
Sat      20th                               Broken Hill Club Day                                             Broken Hill


Fri       2nd/Sat 3rd/ Sun 4th   SA Open State Championships                                Mt Gambier
Sat       3rd                                Whyalla Club Day                                                           Whyalla
Sun     11th                              Mt Gambier Club Day                                                   Mt Gambier
Sun     11th                               Southern Closed Club Series Rd 4                          Southern
Sat      17th                               Broken Hill Club Day                                                    Broken Hill
Sun     25th                               Southern Open     Cancer Council Meeting             Southern


Sat       1st                                Whyalla Club Day                                                   Whyalla
Fri        7th                                AKASA Presentation Dinner
Sun      9th                               GKCSA    Christmas Meeting                               Monarto


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