'How To' Karting Videos

The Australian Karting Association has produced a set of 'How To Go Karting' videos. These were posted to YouTube a few months ago.

The clips are aimed at beginners in the sport - those who have just started, or looking to become involved.

Importantly, the clips are publicly avialable and pop up in internet searches (outside of Google, YouTube is the most searched website of all). All up, there are 25 videos arranged in logical chapters.

Although they've been produced by the AKA, the content is pretty relevant regardless of which Governing body you race under.

Some of the clips are below. The rest are HERE.

Above: Introduction clip - How To Go Karting

Above: Video 1.2 - Flag signals

Above: Video 2.4 - Tools

Above: Video 3.3 - Sprocket Wear

Above: Video 3.11 - Changing Tyres


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