Whitsunday Titles

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from Alex Bryne

The 2011 Whitsunday Titles were held at Mackay on November 19-20.

The Yamaha TaG 100 class was the one to win with $1000 up for grabs. All weekend it was a tight battle between John Still, Dave Price, Patrick Driscoll and local driver Todd Stevens. A bit of carnage at the start saw Stevens get pushed back to last having started on the front row of the grid. This gave Still a good lead from the start and was untouchable for the rest of the race. Todd Stevens came from 10th after his crash to finish in 4th place.   

The Sportsman Over 40’s class was a closely contested category all weekend. When it came down to the final, Julian Laws lead for almost the entire race but lost it as he and Mark Muscat crossed line in a photo finish with Mark Muscat snatching the win.

The Leopard Heavy class consisted of three or four small battles throughout the field on Saturday and Sunday. When it came down to the final, John Rowley and Quinton Edmonds gained an early lead over James Buchbach and Michael Doherty. Nose to tail all race, Quinton Edmonds tried a late move with only 3 corners to go causing a bit of a crash between himself and Rowley, which saw the end of Edmonds' race. Meanwhile the fast paced James Buchbach made the most of this and it came down to a drag up the straight between Buchbach and Rowley for the closest finish of the day with only 0.005 seconds separating John Rowley from James Buchbach.


Sportsman Over 40’s
1st Mark Muscat
2nd Julian Laws
3rd Steve Muscat

Junior National Heavy
1st Rolland Legge
2nd Jake Downs
3rd Brendon Granata

1st Riley Le Garde
2nd Joshua Butler
3rd Qynn Andersen

Senior National Light
1st Hayden Schneider
2nd Mitchell Fry
3rd Todd Stevens

1st Declan Fraser
2nd Nathan Granata
3rd Nicholas Butler

Junior National Light
1st Rolland Legge
2nd Jake Downs
3rd Jarva Sheerans

Senior National Heavy
1st Shannon Price
2nd Todd Stevens
3rd Joseph Axford-Haines

Leopard Heavy
1st John Rowley
2nd James Buchbach
3rd Michael Doherty

QLD Sporstman Light
1st Mathew Taylor
2nd Jordon McCloy
3rd Kerryn Burgess

QLD Sportsman Heavy
1st Brenton Simmons
2nd Shane Leahy
3rd Matt Hibble

QLD Sportsman Super Heavy
1st John Rowley
2nd Jamie Penningh
3rd Dale McDonnell

Yamaha TaG 100
1st John Still
2nd Dave Price
3rd Patrick Driscoll


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