Grenfell Xmas Meeting Wraps Up Year

On December 4, Grenfell Kart Club hosted 60 karters for their Christmas Party and final Club Meet of 2011. Karters travelled from Sydney, Canberra, Griffith, Wagga, Orange, Dubbo and Grenfell to compete.

Above: Brent Logan, 2nd in Clubman class

Results as follows:-

Midgets:                                                 1st    Blake Fardell             Dubbo
                                                               2nd   Thomas Sargent        Grenfell
                                                               3rd    Tayla Harnas            Canberra

Rookies:                                                 1st    Blair Gilmour             Griffith
                                                               2nd   Joshua Fife               Canberra
                                                               3rd    Lachlan Chancellor    Canberra

Jnr National Light                                      1st    Luke Wrigley             Dubbo
                                                               2nd   Joshua Hemphill        Canberra
                                                               3rd    Jacob Fripp               Canberra

Jnr National Heavy                                    1st    Brodie Duncan-Lund   Canberra
                                                               2nd   Jarrod Whitty             Griffith
                                                               3rd    James Croxon           Griffith

Snr National Pro                                       1st    Lachlan Schneider     Grenfell
                                                               2nd   Bradley Roberts         Grenfell
                                                               3rd    Ian Sadler                 Orange

Clubman Pro                                            1st    George Thompson     Grenfell
                                                               2nd   Brent Logan              Grenfell
                                                               3rd    Robert Gilby             Orange

Clubman Super Heavy                               1st    David Hargraves        Grenfell
                                                               2nd   Thomas Gilby           Grenfell
Sportsman Light                                       1st    Adam McCoy           Canberra
                                                               2nd   Matthew Colley        Canberra

Sportsman Heavy                                     1st    Bruce Otter              Canberra/Grenfell
                                                              2nd   James Marquez        Canberra
                                                              3rd    Brett Staples            Canberra

Tag Restricted Heavy                               1st    John Noyen              Orange
                                                              2nd   Billy Sgouros            Canberra
                                                              3rd    Greg Parker             Wagga

Open Performance                                   1st    Marc Townsend        Canberra/Grenfell
                                                              2nd   Jake Lambie             Canberra
                                                              3rd    Steven Martin           Canberra