New Colour & Design For 2012 Monaco Team Suit

Remo Racing has received stocks of the new 2012 Monaco Team Suits which feature new colours and design.

Only a limited quantity of sizes has arrived (50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60 & 62) and these are now available for delivery before Christmas - but you'll have to hurry!

Above: Remo sporting the new Monaco Team Suit while winning his 55th State Title in SA recently

Full stocks of suits in ALL sizes, from CADET to SENIORS, will arrive later in the New Year. Remo Racing will also be stocking Monaco Caps, T-Shirts & Polos.

Contact the Remo Racing office on (03) 5382 0241.

  • Made by X'zuit for Remo Racing… we don't settle for anything but the BEST!

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