Stars of Karting Set For 2012

press release

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The scene is set for the CIK Stars of Karting Series to launch into 2012 following a pre-series telephone hook-up by the International Karting Committee (IKC) last night.

Australia’s elite series, which kicks off at South Australia’s Bolivar Raceway on February 25/26, will once again see competitors line-up in the Pro Light (KF1), Pro Gearbox (KZ2) and Pro Junior (KF3) categories. 

Pic: AF Images/Budd

Along with the three CIK-specification categories, the Clubman and Junior National categories will return along with a Leopard category all throughout the year.

The Leopard category will see both Light and Heavy competitors line-up in the same field with the winner of the five-round series to secure a new IAME KF engine for use in the 2013 CIK Stars of Karting Series.

Following much investigation, and discussion, the minimum weight for the Pro Light (KF1) category has been revised to 163kg (previously 167kg).  There will be further investigation on this class weight throughout 2012.  The minimum weight for the Pro Gearbox (KZ2) has also been revised to 175kg (previously 180kg).  The Pro Junior (KF3) minimum weight will remain as 145kg.

The emphasis from the IKC is to further evolve the strategic plan for the series to see all classes and competition regulations evolve towards the true International Specifications. This will allow our Australian competitors to step onto the International stage in familiar surroundings should they choose to compete Internationally.

2013 will see a new engine homologation period for the CIK. A decision on the specification of engines for 2013 will be reviewed in the first half of 2012 once again giving competitors a clear direction in which to head.

Continuing the move towards more of a world specification, and safer competition, all competitors in the three Pro categories will be required to use the CIK-style plastic rear bumper bar.  There will be also a number of initiatives in terms of the pre-gridding and starting procedure that will be adopted throughout the year.

In furthering the stability of rule interpretation for the series, Mark Horsley has been appointed as the Series Clerk of Course with Chris Robinson moving to the role of Series Chief Steward.  Peter Galvin remains as the Series Co-ordinator, as will Les Allen in the Technical Officer role.

Les May and the team at Dunlop Kartsport have once again offered their full services to assist all competitors throughout the 2012 season. Les has recently returned from the World Championship round at Suzuka and has begun a comprehensive ‘in house’ test program to gather data to dispel some of the theories that karters have about the suitability of specific compounds for specific classes.  As they receive and collate this data it will be passed onto the IKC for consideration, however, at this stage he does not believe that there will be any evidence that a change from the current allocation is necessary. Please use this service as Les has considerable knowledge of kart setup for each class and can help you to ensure you are getting the maximum from your tyres.

Early next month, the prize pool for the 2012 CIK Stars of Karting Series will be announced, along with some other new initiatives for the competitors in the series.

The IKC would like to take this opportunity to thank the drivers and teams who competed in the 2011 series, along with the supporters within the industry and the karting fraternity, while wishing them all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.