No KF1 For CRG In 2012

In his annual end-of-season communication with the media, CRG boss Giancarlo Tinini has ruled his team out of the 2012 KF1 World Championship.

giancarlo tinini crg“The KF1 World Championship, as it is today, is no more part of our plans" Tinini (right) said.

"It is nonsense to run a world championship in five rounds with 20 drivers. We finished a World Championship in Japan with 8 European drivers and 12 Japanese drivers. At this point I'd rather run a single round, where maybe we would have been able to see 40 drivers on the starting line.

"I prefer to concentrate on KF2, at least there is market."

CRG will compete in the key European races and WSK Master Series in 2012. “We are starting in Italy, with the Winter Cup of Lonato. Then we are also participating in the Andrea Margutti Trophy, the WSK Master Series and the Euro Series, and all the CIK-FIA championships, with the exception of the KF1."

Tinini also commented on the makeup of the 2012 team, confirming Fabian Federer and Mirko Torsellini will join the CRG Official Factory team, while Max Verstappen and Arnaud Kozlinski have left.

"I do thank them for their contribution. New members are joining us in the KF3 and KF2 categories: Jordon Lennox and Felice Tiene are racing with us and the Englishman Luke Varley new British champion Tom Joyner, who is racing with us on the LH Lewis Hamilton line.

"In KF3 we have Alex Palou, from Barcelona, and the American Santino Ferrucci, who has got several good results in the Cadets both in the USA and Britain.

"In KZ1 we have Jonathan Thonon, Davide Forè, Jorrit Pex, Fabian Federer and Mirko Torsellini. Lennox and Tiene will also race in KZ2, when they will be able to.

"Other possible drivers can still join in, but we haven't decided yet. For example we'd like to have Laura Tillet still with us, but the English girl seems to have decided to keep on running in KF1, a category which is no more part of our plans.”

On the technical front, CRG will have a new homologation chassis for 2012. "Our last tests, the data was really positive. The new Kalì-Kart will make its debut, with a driver in each category, and we have worked well on all the new products, including the new Maranello and LH chassis."

Tinini is also excited by his one-make gearbox category, Formula 5 by Maxter.

“This new one-make, for me, should represent the first step for those drivers who aim at running in car-racing. The new Formula 5 one-make has Maxter as constructor, both for the chassis and for the engine. It is a brand new one-make with gearbox and electric start: it represents an absolute novelty for our market, but other countries have already showed a great interest.

Above: Formula 5 by Maxter - 27 or 40hp, 4 speed for 6, all from the one package.

"It is suitable both for very young drivers and for more expert drivers, and it can be used on those 700/800 metre tracks which are so widespread all around the world. On these tracks a four gear shift is fitted, while on faster tracks it will be possible to use a six gear shift.

"I consider this new category as the ideal solution for those who want to progress to car racing. They can learn how to use the gears, how to start, how to control the braking changing down or how to overtake using the gears. Everybody knows that drivers who have experience on karts with gearbox, when progressing to car-racing, have some advantage over their colleagues coming from direct drive karts.

"Those who will drive cars will necessarily need to use gears, to manage the rpm when shifting the gears, the power of the engine in the right torque, shifting in the right moment: all these skills are doubtlessly an advantage.

"And, of course, we should never forget that driving a kart with gears is much more fun than driving a direct drive kart.

"For the time being, this is a medium term project, but the interest aroused by the product in those who tried it could give interesting results rather soon.”


Jonathan Thonon (B)
Davide Forè (I)
Fabian Federer (I)
Mirko Torsellini (I)
Jorrit Pex (B)

Jordon Lennox-Lamb (GB)
Felice Tiene (I)

Jordon Lennox-Lamb (GB)
Felice Tiene (I)
Luke Varley (GB)
Tom Joyner (GB) - LH

Alex Palou (E)
Santino Ferrucci (USA)