New Douglas 'SE' Mag Rim

press release

DPE are pleased to advise they now have available a limited supply of Douglas Racing’s latest wheels, the all new SE Magnesium.

Douglas SE Magnesium rims have been painstakingly designed to disperse heat faster, enabling tyre temperatures to stay lower throughout the course of a race, resulting in more consistent lap times.

The shape of the rim is quite different to all their previous designs and is similar to a brand of uber expensive gold rim that is popular at present, however Douglas SE Magnesium wheels are priced at roughly one third of the price of the opposition wheels!

So if you are looking for that added advantage but couldn’t justify the cost or high price tag of others, get in quick and grab a set of Douglas SE Magnesium rims before your opponents do!

Douglas SE Wheel Set Prices
RRP: $352 / set

Individual Wheel Prices
RRP: $88.00 (each)

douglas se kart wheel rim