Adjustable Seat Mounts From K-Racer

press release

K-Racer, Australia's premier online kart store, has a very special announcement to make:

K-Racer ASMOs are here!

adjustable seat mount system for karts from k-racer

ASMOs (Adjustable Seat Mounts) are a simple, revolutionary invention that makes finding the ultimate seat position a breeze. They bolt to the outside of the seat, reinforcing the hole that the seat mounting bolt passes through. When you want to move the seat, you are no longer forced to move 15mm or more to avoid "slotting" the fragile fibreglass. The stainless steel ASMO allows you to move the seat in 7mm increments, which is the kind of accuracy required to get a seat position "just right".

Using ASMOs, the useable lifetime of a seat is greatly extended, but the most important reason to own them is to ensure that you're as fast as you can possibly be. Cian Fothergill knows - he won last years CIK Pro Light Championship using prototype ASMOs on his Kosmic Mercury!

ASMOs are suitable for use with all brands of karts and all brands of seats - from Midgets to Superheavy (and if you're a big guy that has trouble stopping seats from cracking to bits, these might be the fix you're after).

cian fothergill asmo user
Above: Cian Fothergill won last year's CIK series using a prototype set of ASMOs on his Kosmic.

Available exclusively from K-Racer. More info on the ASMO HERE.

Patent Pending. Dealer enquiries welcome.