ORYX Magnesium Wheels

DPE is now distributing a new range of magnesium kart wheels from ORYX - and will for a short time offer a full set of wheels at a reduced introductory price.

ORYX magnesium go kart wheels are extremely lightweight, strong and durable. Their unique web vented design helps to keep the wheel cool and tyre temperatures down, which helps improve consistency and component longevity.

oryx magnesium kart wheels

Manufactured from ultra-high-grade magnesium alloy in a proprietary high-pressure cast process, the ORYX range of magnesium wheels are simply state-of-the-art.

"If you are looking to maximize the performance of your kart then you need to ensure you are using ORYX Magnesium wheels" DPE said in a statement.

For a short time, as an introductory offer, they are just $295 a set, offering incredible value for money.

Above: The ORYX Magnesium wheels offer the choice of a bearing or bolt on front rim with an 8-inch rear rim.


Complete set of ORYX Mag wheels for just $295.00!

Individual Wheels

Bearing front rim
Part No: WMO130BV
Retail: $70.00

Bolt on front rim
Part No: WMO130HV
Retail: $70.00

Rear 8 inch. rim
Part No: WMO212V
Retail: $77.50

Complete Sets

Wheel set with bearing front
Retail: $295.00

Wheel set with bolt on front
Retail: $295.00

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