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Results of AKA Membership Survey

The Australian Karting Association has published the results from a membership survey that was conducted over the past two months.

The survey offered AKA licenced members the opportunity to provide feedback on the running of the sport and its future. Over 1,200 responses were received.

"The outcome of this membership survey will be discussed by the members of the National Karting Council with input from State Associations and Club representatives, before the AKA will implement plans to assist with continually improving the sport into the future" the AKA informed KartSportNews.

  • The full 86-page report can be found HERE.

Key points from the survey (as pointed out by AKA):

- Almost half of the membership base have become involved in the sport of karting due to family or friends previously being involved
- The majority of the membership base is B Grade Licence Holders and the majority of competitors have held their licence for a period between 1 and 3 years.  An overwhelming majority of the competitor base regularly compete in one class only
- More than 50% of members are Club Level racers and have not competed at a State or National level in the past three years
- The highest importance was placed on the retention of existing members and the attraction of new members

The following information is some of the feedback received from the positive aspects of the sport:
- I like the fact that the AKA are implementing modern technologies like online licence, online entries for every meeting would be brilliant as well. Children and their driver training and awareness in preparation for driving cars. The driving experience I gained at 16 years old prevented myself from having a car accident. With three boys, two have raced for 4-5 years but lost interest but gained valuable driving knowledge.
- All in all the AKA does a great job even though it cops a lot of undue negativity, the CMS System is fantastic and im sure it will get better as clubs come to grips with it.
- There is appears to be a genuine and passionate attempt by those involved to improve and promote the sport of karting.
- The CIK series, a clear and rather successful attempt to provide a marketable face to the sport.
- The last few years has seen it’s level of professionalism increase i.e. media coverage etc. It’s now taking a more active approach to addressing the issues raised by competitors.

A sample of the feedback received when respondents were asked ‘What are the major aspects that you believe need improvement?’
- Simplify licence renewals as they are to complicated, you should only have to swipe your card and renew it or some thing quite easy, current system is a joke as I am 36 and struggle with it, how are young kids going to go and they are out backbone of the sport!!!
- Strategic plan published for the next 5-10 years, rolled down to clubs. AKA should import the tyres and the engines and the money made form this process should be used for grants for clubs based on membership size. This will encourage clubs to drive up their membership numbers
- Class Structure and race meeting structure. Look at the classes listed above in your own survey – 33!!!!!
- The rules need to be a bit more stable and be the same across Australia.
- Transparency of how the AKA run, in regards to their meetings and the way rule changes are decided. As well as introducing governance.
- No consistency at all. I race every weekend at all different tracks and every week the rules are different, Not one rule for one and another rule for another.
- Keeping up with technology, being open with the Competitors about what the sport is doing, and creating an easy, cheap and straight-forward way to try out start karting.
- The durability of tyres. Lasting only 3 events is just not good enough for an entry-level motorsport category. 10 years ago you’d easily get 10 meetings out of tyres.


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