RR Airbox To Be Banned For CIK Stars of Karting

Competitors in the 2012 CIK Stars of Karting series have been advised they will soon not be permitted to use either of the Righetti Ridolfi Inlet Silencers that had their homologation cancelled recently.

Righetti Ridolfi NOX 23 and NOX 30 Inlet Silencers lost their CIK-FIA homologation when a random test discovered they no longer met noise absorption criteria (see News on January 21 HERE).

Above: RR NOX 30 Inlet Silencer

While the items have already been deemed ineligible in Europe, they can continue to be used in Australia until March 1 - ie, after the opening round of the 2012 CIK Stars of Karting series.

Many competitors in Pro Gearbox (KZ2) have been using these items at CIK and other events for some time.

"While the International Karting Committee don’t believe there is any performance gain in these airboxes, but rather a personal choice, we are continually looking to move closer to CIK regulations (as seen by the implementation of the compulsory plastic rear bars this year in the Stars of Karting Series)" organisers said in a statement.

"As a result, we would like to advise competitors that this Inlet Silencer will not be eligible for competition in the Stars of Karting Series after March 1, 2012."

Above & Below: NOX23 Inlet Silencer



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