IAME Announce 60cc X30 'Rookie'

IAME has unveiled a 60cc water cooled engine, the X30 Rookie. The motor was released last month and features pull start, a 3-shoe dry clutch and Dell'Orto carburettor.

Australian IAME importer Remo Racing say that while the engine is available (priced in the low $2000 bracket) they have not submitted it for AKA approval.

"We can get the engine in if someone wants to buy or run one (outside of AKA). It's a brand new engine and it looks like it will be raced in Europe this year. We'll just see how that goes and see if there is an interest before doing anything else. It's another product available from IAME, who are one of the worlds best trusted engine manufacturers."


iame x30 rookie 60cc


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