Karter Issued Pink Slip For Comments On Kartbook

Kartbook.net has posted a warning to AKA licence holders after one of their members was issued with an AKA ‘Pink Slip’ for comments they had made on the website’s discussion forum.

Kartbook’s Colin Fink confirmed to KartSportNews that the member had been charged with a General Offence by AKA NSW  under rule 5.01 of the AKA manual. It was delivered through the post.

The karter, who wishes to remain anonymous, will need to front a tribunal to hear if the charge is proven, and if so, what penalty will be issued.

The karting community seems to be shaking its head in disbelief at the governing body’s action.

Of course, there is plenty of speculation as to what is behind this unprecedented move. And, as one would expect, the matter is being hotly debated on Kartbook…

Link to the message and discussion thread HERE.


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