200+ For Ipswich Club Champs Opening Round

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by John Goddard

The numbers at Ipswich last Saturday were reminiscent of the heyday of Karting in South East Queensland and continued on from where we left off at the end of 2011.

They came out in force, 201 competitors all raring to go for the new year and while some drivers were a bit “rusty” it augers well for the club in season 2012.

Above: Lachlan McHgh leads on his way to victory in Junior MAX, here ahead of Maxim Erickson (51) and Michael Fabri (14)

President Ashley Waardenberg was delighted with the huge number of nominations but that in itself caught the club and officials a bit short with a lack of volunteers, which led to a delay for the start of racing.

The late start meant a late finish but the club and race officials are working very hard behind the scenes to ensure this does not happen again. The club ran very successful meetings last year and want to continue in the same vein in 2012 so please bear with them.

One of the proposals put forward for day/night meetings was to start racing an hour earlier which I am sure will sit well with the vast majority of competitors wanting to get their kids home at a reasonable hour.

While the volunteers and race officials in attendance at the meeting did their absolute utmost, more hands make light work and for such a huge meeting, there just wasn’t enough hands.

If there is anyone who has good computer and data entry skills and who could offer 2 or 3 hours of their time on race morning or is interested in assisting in the organisation of race meetings, please contact the club secretary Andrea McKay by email at secretary@ipswichkartclub.org.au or mobile 0403 935 062. Andrea will be very happy to hear from you. It will speed up the process and ensure meetings runs to schedule. With the numbers entered on Saturday, it was almost akin to a state title.

Above: TaG 125 Light, turn 1 - Ryan Sponseller leads John Tatnell as Kel Farrell gets air

Chris Robinson was very impressed with the quality of racing and made special mention of Clubman Light when he said “how good are these Clubman Light drivers?” They raced hard and close, they asked for no quarter and gave none but at the same time, showed plenty of respect for each other. The night final was an exhilarating exhibition of close racing, especially the last 3 laps.

TAG RESTRICTED classes had large fields and were very competitive but in light of the unique nature of TAG racing and with the powerful TAG RESTRICTED now being a very successful senior entry level to the sport, some of these drivers have been the first to admit that they don’t have the experience or race craft when they graduate up to TAG 125 Light and TAG 125 Heavy UNRESTRICTED.

To address the safety issue and the disparity in experience, which was highlighted with a spectacular heat one rollover on Saturday, race officials acted very quickly when Chris Robinson said “competitor safety is the overriding factor in the minds of race officials and the club, for future meetings there will be a 5 minute Carby/Qualifying session for TAG 125 Light and Heavy UNRESTRICTED ONLY”.

This is a very positive and well received move that will no doubt strengthen both classes.  

Many of the new guys, when they graduate to TAG 125 UNRESTRICTED, don’t like the random draw and reverse grid as it puts too much pressure on them to perform with limited experience in the unrestricted class. This was evident on Saturday in heat one when one of the new guys very unselfishly gave up pole and elected to put himself to the rear for race one. He was concerned that at this stage of his racing, he did not have the experience to lead from pole in such a big field. Good work mate, you are to be applauded for taking such a sensible and safe approach to yours and your competitors racing.

The signs were all there that it was going to be a massive meeting. There were 112 at practice on Friday night all working their backsides off to get up to speed after weeks of rain and very little practice.

Saturday dawned hot and humid with no sign of rain on the horizon. The majority got there early in eager anticipation, there were smiles and new year greetings from people who hadn’t touched base since the December meeting, it was a carnival atmosphere and a great day for racing!

People were everywhere with not just 201 competitors, but race support teams, family, friends, volunteers and officials all chaffing at the bit to get started for the new year.

Once racing finally started there was plenty of spirited and close racing that can only benefit the local competitors when they travel to other clubs and titles.

There were huge fields of TAG Restricted Light and Heavy and where else can find a field of 9 top J Max competitors, 15 Junior National Heavy’s and 26 Junior National Lights and let’s not forget the Rookies and Cadets sponsored by Blondie Haulage.

All the junior classes are very strong at Ipswich making the future of the sport look very bright, President Ashley Waardenberg has hinted at some more sponsorship coming for Junior classes at Ipswich so stand by for further announcements.

The Ipswich Kart Club know they have a responsibility to keep these young people interested in the sport and are working tirelessly to make sure this happens.

The club is also very appreciative of the support of Pacific Kart Sport, Kaos Karting and Champions Way kart supplies for attending these meetings and servicing the needs of the competitors with parts and advice. They also bring their teams to the meetings who conduct themselves with a level of professionalism that helps promote karting as a great family sport. It is also great preparation for State and National title campaigns. You cannot go past any of these businesses for the service and assistance they provide to all competitors so please return the support when you can.

With another good field of 15 cadets to start the year, 2012 season will be another hard fought championship with some seasoned racers and a lot of newcomers.

Random draw sorted out the grid for the first two heats with some different results. Harrison Hoey (97) taking 3 wins for the day and big championship threat Jai Brown (9) winning the other heat and two 2nd placing's. FA pilot Jace Matthews (99), Jarrod Costello (47) and Josh Radford (84) having solid performances throughout the day. Lismore entrant Nathan Herne came third overall for the round after a DNF in the first heat.

There were five P platers in all with consistent placing from Lachlan Hughes (15), Oliver Bayliss (21), Broc Feeney (42) and Bayley Douglas (37). There was some very close racing with all Cadets giving each other plenty of racing room.

Spectators witnessed some good battles through the field with Ocsar Comley (80), Ethan Wilcox (22),  Jaydon Wilcox (2) and Austin Wells (89) all in the mix. Hopefully all Cadets enjoyed themselves and will see them back at Ipswich Kart Track for Round 2 on 3rd March.

~ Troy Hoey

The field of 26 JNL’s was sensational with Toowoomba racer Maxim Erickson winning 3 of the 4 races. In the race he didn’t win he made up 10 places coming from 14th to 4th. Russell Whitaker took out that one from Jordan Kindas with Michael Fabri third.

There was plenty of action throughout the day with many different placegetters but in the end it was Erickson who dominated followed by Whitaker a very solid second and Kindas third.

There wouldn’t be too many meeting outside Titles where you get to race in a field of 26 Juniors so keep it going for the next round, the experience you gain by racing in big fields will be invaluable when you go to contest the big meetings.

Senior National is now at a middle weight of 150kg. I guess it is a reflection on today’s society, too much dining at the Golden Arches and too much rum and Coke for the older blokes, only joking but it did attract an excellent field of 12 racers including Club Champion Richard Dimmock and current State Title holders, Sean Butcher (Qld) and James Foster (NSW).

As usual this class provided some very competitive and close racing with a different winner in each of the 4 races. Benjamin Harm had a great win in the first heat coming from grid 5, Richard Dimmock won heat 2 with Harm again up there with a great second. Keishi Ayukai who is always fast was unlucky to be disqualified when he weighted in a few grams under due to dehydration but hey, that’s racing. A mouth full of spit would have got him across the line legal.

The pre final was another big race with Jack Wood coming from barrier 7 for a huge win from Dimmock with Joshua Crossingham third. This racing is always so tight with many lead changes, it has to be the most hotly contested class in karting.

Coming into the final, any one of 4 racers could have won the day but in the end Jimmy Foster won the final from Jack Wood giving Dimmock the win for the day. It was a great start for Dimmock’s defence of his club championship. Sean Butcher was consistent but not his usual blisteringly fast self but no doubt he will bounce back.

In a field of 19 Rookies, Zane Goddard had the ascendancy in heat 1, pre final and final but unfortunately his transponder fell off which led to a very unlucky DSQ. Bad luck mate, a stern talk to the pit crew is in order but keep it friendly as no doubt, the pit crew pays the bills :)

Cameron Shields had a good win in heat 2 from Ryan Suhle and Randy Morgan but at the end of the day it was Thomas Steel taking the top of the podium from Nicholas Lane and Ryan Suhle.

What a great start to the year with TAG Restricted Light having strong numbers filling the grid with 27 entrants and a number of new faces joining the class. Jack Wood continued to show his talent taking the win for the day after a consistent drive winning 2 out of 4 races. Jason Lansdell took out 2nd overall after winning the final and running up the front all day.  Brian Calabria secured 3rd overall with a win in the first heat.

~ Donnelle Waldon

TAG 125 had 17 competitors who were all very keen to start the new season off with a good result. Unfortunately this was not to be for current Club Champion Bodine Antrobus, Jack Ross and a few others with, for want of a better word, a “spectacular” flip/rollover a few laps into heat one.

Fortunately they came out of it ok with some rib damage to Bodine but the damage to his kart and helmet is irreparable. Karting can be dangerous but thankfully the safety equipment is excellent and personal injury is minimised. It was not the start to his title defence Bodine was looking for. There were plenty of dnf’s so trialling Carby/Qualifying will no doubt lessen the impact of newcomers to this class.

Ryan Sponseller who showed great pace all day, won heat one in convincing fashion from John Tatnell and Luke Baldry in third. The reverse grid saw Adam Mercer, who had a great race in the 1st coming from 17th to 4th, win heat two with Matt Goddard on debut in this class, out of grid 8 chasing Mercer down for a close second.

Sponseller was dominant again in the pre final and again, it was Goddard for second with Mercer in third.
The final looked like a repeat of the pre final with Sponseller out in front and Goddard second. Luke Baldry then found some pace to come from behind for a strong second to Sponseller and Daniel Sirvent finishing fast in third.
Sponseller deservedly won the day from Mercer second and Goddard in third.

Above: Another view of TaG 125 Light in the opening corner

There were three standouts in the field of 15 JNH, they were the winner of all 4 races, Nicholas Andrews, the second place getter in all 4 races, Matthew Kennedy and the third place getter in all 4 races, Dean Wiegman.
The fourth place getter Jaison Russell was close all day. In a field that big there were very few DNF results indicating that the racing was very clean. Well done guys.

The Cubby Light drivers started where they left off in November. Heat one saw Troy Morrissey get off to a flyer and open a winning lead from a fast finishing Sam Lumsden with Chris Jeffery third.

Heat 2 and Troy Morrissey got off to his usual great start once again and opened up a commanding lead.  Sam Lumsden’s kart was set up to come on and did it come on, gradually pegging back the lead which he gained on the second to last lap.  Troy Morrissey put on a great move at the end of the straight that saw him go past the winning line a nose cone in front of Lumsden.  Jeffery was not far away in third place.

Pre-final laps were reduced to 7 laps which helped Troy Morrissey gain his third win for the night.  Sam Lumsden was again a fast finishing second with Chris Jeffery again taking third place.

The final was undoubtedly the race of the day for Cubby Light.  Troy Morrissey got away to his usual flying start which left Sam Lumsden and Chris Jeffery the task of chasing him down, they set about that task with a vengeance with Lumsden taking the lead with 2 laps to go.  Morrissey regained the lead after a great move on Lumsden on the final lap.  Chris Jeffery then went under Sam Lumsden which gave Troy enough of a buffer to win.  Sam regained second place at the end of the straight from Chris Jeffery. Lucas Ward was solid all day in fourth place.

~ Mike Lumsden

Aboce: More Jnr MAX action

Clubman Heavy first heat was a runaway win to last year’s dual Blue plater, Shay Mayes with the old stager, Gary Scott superfast in second and Goddard third. Scotty looked like he might turn the tables in the second race but an altercation with another competitor saw him with a very unlucky dnf when he ran up the backside of someone Scotty said braked 10 metres too early.

Scott came back hard in the pre final and final to win both races and finish equal on points with Mayes. When Scott gets his kart honking he is very hard to beat at the best of times. He had his kart setup beautifully, he said he made just one change for the night final when he tightened the middle bearing to make the inside rear lift a bit more. Thanks for the tip Scotty but don’t you know you are supposed to keep these secrets to yourself? LOL, I can just see it now, all the Arrow and Monaco boys busily tightening their third bearing before the night final at the next meeting.

Joshua Herne raced hard all day for a well deserved third placed trophy. Last year’s club champion Matt Goddard used up his allowance of 2 engines for the meeting and as a result, could not come out for the final.







Harrison Hoey

Jai Brown

Nathan Herne


Maxim Erickson

Russell Whitaker

Jordan Kidas


Richard Dimmock

Benjamin Harm

Jack Wood


Thomas Steele

Ryan Suhle

Nicholas Lane


Jack Wood

Jason Lansdell

Brian Calabria


Lachlan McHugh

Nicholas Andrews

Matthew Jones


Ryan Sponseller

Adam Mercer

Matthew Goddard


Nicholas Andrews

Matthew Kennedy

Dean Weigman


Stefan Mortenson

Michael Gagie

Craig Holmwood


Kris Walton

Ashley Waardenberg

Patrick Mather


Troy Morrissey

Sam Lumsden

Christopher Jeffrey


Shay Mayes

Gary Scott

Joshua Herne

Results courtesy Geoff Salmon of www.sportsvoice.id.au


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