New Young Faces On Karting NSW Board

AKA press release

There are two new ‘young’ faces on the Karting NSW (Inc.) Board following last Friday’s meeting in Sydney.

With Tony Agland resigning from his position as the Director of Member Services – Southern, this position will be filled by reigning Yamaha Challenge Champion Aaron Borg (right).

Agland has been involved in the sport of karting at various levels for almost 30 years and has been an instrumental part of the sport moving forward during his time on the Board.

Borg, 21, has been a leading competitor in the Clubman Light category for a number of years. The appointment to the Board sees him become one of the youngest Directors of a karting organisation in Australia, he will be responsible for the co-ordination of six clubs while also bringing a drivers point of view in the decision making process of the Board.

As a part of his role, Borg will also conduct a full review of the Junior Development Program in New South Wales.

During the meeting David Kermond was also appointed to the Board as Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer. Kermond, 21, is in his final year at University and has already been given the task of undertaking a full review of the Observed License Testing (OLT) in New South Wales and also to review and recommend a set of standards for chassis modification for Disabled Drivers.

“Tony (Agland) has been an amazing person to have worked alongside on the Board, he has been dedicated and committed to the sport of karting for many years and on behalf of all licence holders in New South Wales would like to sincerely thank him for all of his efforts,” said Karting New South Wales Chief Executive Office, Steve King.

“While it is always disappointing to lose such a valuable member of the Board, it is also very encouraging to see a couple of young members of our sport looking to assist in the administration side of karting.”