Great Prizes For Yamaha & Leopard CIK Support Classes

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Along with the increased interest around the three Pro categories – Pro Light (KF1), Pro Gearbox (KZ2) and Pro Junior (KF3) – in the CIK Stars of Karting Series presented by Castrol EDGE, there are some great prizes up for grabs in each of the Challenge categories during 2012.

Now in it’s third year of running in conjunction with Australia’s elite series, the Yamaha Challenge is providing the ‘club and state’ level racer with the opportunity to compete in Australian karting’s most professional series.

Over the past few years, Jason Hryniuk and Aaron Borg have been victorious in the Clubman category to secure a trip to Japan to compete in the All Japan Yamaha Final.

aaron borg yamaha challenge
Above: Aaron Borg on his way to victory in the 2011 Clubman Yamaha Challenge
pic - AF Images

In the Junior National category, Mitchell Gee and Stefan Stankovic have both walked away with a new engine, courtesy of the Yamaha Motor Company, as champions. There has also been a significant amount of Yamaha merchandise provided to the competitors in the Challenge.

In 2012, this will be no different with some great prizes for Yamaha competitors throughout the year. While the final prize pool for both categories is still being finalised with Yamaha’s head office in Japan, Yamaha Motor Company Australia’s Adam Wolfenden is looking to make the prize pool even bigger this year.

“Being involved in the series for the past two years has been a great success for us at Yamaha with the series generating a lot of interest for the Clubman and Junior National drivers across the country,” said Wolfenden.

“At this stage we’re still working through the logistics of the prize pool for the 2012 Challenge and I’m hoping to have this finalised in the coming weeks.

“It is highly likely that there will again be the trip to Japan on the line, maybe even two (possibly one for a Senior and one for a Junior), plus a significant amount of Yamaha product and merchandise throughout the year, along with some tickets and VIP experiences through Yamaha to such events as the Moto GP for competitors.”

Above: Sydney's Stefan Stankovic was victorious in the 2011 Junior National Yamaha Challenge
pic - AF Images

There has been a significant amount of interest in the Australian Leopard Challenge since it was launched as a part of the series last month.

With both the Leopard Light and Heavy categories running together on the track at the same time, it will look to produce a great spectacle.

The Leopard Light winner of the five-round series will secure a new KF engine for use in the Pro Light (KF1) category in the 2013 CIK Stars of Karting Series while the Heavy Champion will secure a new X30 engine or the equivalent value towards an engine to be used the Pro categories for 2013.

There will also be a prize awarded at each round to the first local home in both the Light and Heavy categories.

Above: For 2012, the Australian Leopard Challenge will be contested alongside the CIK Stars of Karting Series.

Entries for the opening round of the CIK Stars of Karting Series presented by Castrol EDGE, incorporating the Yamaha Challenge and the Australian Leopard Challenge, close TODAY, Friday February 10.

Series and round regulations HERE.